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Tech gadgets revealed at CES 2015 for seniors

Written by: Michelle Nicols

The Consumer Electronic Show isn’t just a show for those Google-glass wearing tech aficionados. Every year, more products are introduced targeting an aging demographic. Here’s a look at some developments that caught our attention this year.

Smart hearing aid
Siemens introduced a smart hearing aid at CES this year. Going to restaurants, parties, and even the coffee shop were challenges for those who used hearing aids of the past because of all the surrounding noise. But Siemens’ smart hearing aid can adapt to the environment and activity, and buffer out background noise and wind. You can even adjust the parameters of the hearing aid using an app that syncs with an iPhone or Android.

Fitness tracker
The FitLinxx AmpStrip was designed for athletes because it monitors heart rates so that training and exercise cycles can be maximized. But its ease of use and the information it gathers make it worthy for an older adult even if he or she isn’t an extreme athlete. AmpStrip is a sticker you attach to your torso and go on with your day (it’s actually designed to stick for at least three days) and then it will sync with an app on your phone so you can measure various health metrics.

Home monitoring is a company that has focused its technology on aiding independent living. The company offers a range of products like wearable emergency buttons and pendant trackers, door sensors and motion sensors. The devices monitor movement and activity (Have they gone to the fridge or are they eating enough today? Was there a fall? Is there a long period of non-motion?) and emergency alarms which are meant to provide an added sense of support for seniors living independently. Information is also sent back to a dashboard which a caregiver can access using a desktop or mobile device.

Of course there were many GPS tracking wearables like watches and clips. The big hits this year were designed for children and pets but the market is saturated with many options that can be adapted for seniors in the case you’re worried about their whereabouts.

Photo cred: The Consumer Electronic Show

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