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Introducing Bayshore’s new and improved Client Experience Centre

Written by: Michelle Nicols

Planned to coincide with the relaunch of Bayshore’s Mission, Vision and Values, the company has enhanced its call centre, which is typically the first point of contact for referral sources and new clients. “We had an amazing call centre, but we didn’t like that term. ‘Call centre’ doesn’t have a positive connotation,” explains Mary Barr, Director, National Care Team. “With the new Client Experience Centre, we wanted to reach the next level of service excellence.

Staff received in-depth training on customer service, engaging people on the phone, and even suicide prevention. “We encourage staff to stay on calls as long as needed – sometimes callers just need to talk or are upset about something,” says Barr. “It may not result in us providing care, but we help in other ways, like sourcing services or navigating the medical system.”

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