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eOccupancy’s senior living advisors join the Bayshore family

Written by: Michelle Nicols

Senior housing options can seem overwhelming. Independent seniors looking for a retirement community have very different needs than people who need nursing care, for example. There are also the questions of location and cost. With so many factors to consider, seniors could use a guide to navigate the process.


eOccupancy Senior Living, recently acquired by Bayshore HealthCare, offers exactly that. “Our personalized service connects seniors and families with private sector options, primarily in Ontario,” explains George Fermanis, Director of Business Development. “Free of charge, our advisors help coordinate based on individual needs – location, budget, desired amenities – to find something suitable.”

Options include independent living, retirement homes with meals, assisted living, and secured accommodations for residents with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Advisors can also offer assistance with finding long-term care.

“When I started eOccupancy in 2012, there wasn’t any help in the private sector to find senior housing and help families understand,” says Fermanis. “There’s confusion around public versus private options, and often clients are in crisis. We listen to what they’re looking for and educate them about what’s out there. They may be looking at a mix – a private option with subsidized support.”

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