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Bayshore relaunches Mission, Vision and Values

Written by: Michelle Nicols

In February, Bayshore HealthCare relaunched its Mission, Vision and Values. The work began a few years ago, when the company undertook strategic planning.

Our Mission and Vision served us well, but our family had grown, and the things that mattered to all members of the family had changed,” explains Stuart Cottrelle, President. “Our Mission and Vision were focused around our core home care business, and Bayshore has expanded so much with therapy, a specialty pharmacy and more. We also wanted the Mission and Vision to better relate to our people providing very important parts of client service from the National Development Centre and other parts of the organization.”

Bayshore sought input from staff across the organization, and the common message that emerged was that the company is “passionate and caring.” Employees also felt driven to do more or better – to truly be the difference, not just make a difference. These messages become the foundation of the new Mission and Vision.

In a video message for staff, Cottrelle shared his heartfelt thoughts about the new editions: “For me, they truly capture the emotion of our company and describe what it’s like to be part of the Bayshore family… They guide how we behave, what we believe is important and what we should celebrate. They are at the HEART
of all we do!

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