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Eating well as you age

Written by: Sameen Junejo

Eating well can be challenging as one ages. If you are a caregiver to a senior loved one and have noticed stale foods around their house, a change in their weight, and poor eating habits, their nutrition could be at risk. It is important to understand why eating habits are impacted as one gets older. Many factors impact the appetite of a senior including: changes in senses such as smell and taste, weakening of the immune system, loss of a loved one, and medications also play a role in affecting appetite.

Here are some ways to help improve your loved one’s eating habits and help them get the right nutrition:

These tips will help you ensure your senior loved ones are eating right. Bayshore offers meal preparation services to many aging seniors across Canada to prepare healthy, hearty meals. Bayshore’s home care services such as meal preparation and companionship services include different levels of assistance like purchasing groceries, preparation of hot and nutritious meals (allowing the client to assist if possible), and assistance with light clean up after meals. If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, we can help.

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