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How Seniors Can Celebrate Canada 150

Written by: Bayshore HomeHealth

“The 150th anniversary of Confederation is a truly special occasion for Canadians to connect with our past, celebrate our achievements and build future legacies. It is an opportunity to reflect on and deepen our sense of what it means to be Canadian, as well as to inspire a new era of optimism and pride across the country. Canada is Strong, Proud and Free, and it is worth celebrating” – Canadian Heritage

Aging well is something we all aspire to, and Canada has certainly aged gracefully. This year marks Canada’s 150th birthday and that’s definitely a milestone to celebrate – imagine getting a cake with 150 candles on it! If you haven’t made Canada Day plans yet here are some ideas on how you can celebrate with your family, friends and neighbours:

Celebrate “Our home and native land”

Canada is often associated with winter, hockey, and friendly people who enjoy winter and hockey. But Canada also has extraordinary landscapes and significant historical landmarks. Whether you want to hike through a provincial park, visit a working fort or discover something new in your city, there are plenty of points of interest to see. This year, admission to all national parks and national historic sites is free. Check out Tourism Canada for a comprehensive list of attractions across the country.

Celebrate your local Canadian community

Giving back to your community is not only rewarding, but is also a great way to express your Canadian pride. Have a look through your local newspaper, visit Volunteer 150 for 150 or check out Volunteer Canada to find opportunities near you to give back. You could even support a local charity through the Bayshore Foundation.

Celebrate Canada with a bang

There will no doubt be plenty of big fireworks displays in Canada’s major cities and small towns. If you are planning on heading to your local city hall or town park to watch the fireworks, bring a comfortable folding chair, take some snacks and drinks along, and grab a flashlight with a few extra batteries to help guide you back home after the show. And remember, when the sun goes down, the mosquitoes come out – so pack your bug spray!

Celebrate with some Canadian literature

It’s no secret that Canada is home to some of the best creative minds in the world. Lounge in the shade with a good book written by one of Canada’s many treasured authors. The Globe and Mail and the CBC both provide a good list of recommended Canadian classics – head out to your local library to find your perfect read.

Celebrate with the flavours of the season

Whether you’re inviting your grandchildren over, hosting a few of your friends, or enjoying the holiday on your own, the summer season offers fresh, local ingredients perfect for Canada Day inspired treats to enjoy. Indulge in some red-and-white themed delicious delights like Strawberry Shortcake Trifle, mix up a refreshing batch of Pink Rhubarb Pop, or taste a piece of Canada’s history with some Bannock bread.

O Canada – cheers to 150 years of being a land rich in heritage, diverse in culture, and full of people with heart. However you choose to celebrate, Bayshore HealthCare wishes you and your loved ones a happy and safe Canada 150!

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