Occupational Therapist - Quebec City, QC

Date Posted:

Division: Bayshore Medical Personnel

Job Type: Full time or part time

Employment Status: Contract

Area: L’ile des Soeurs

City: Quebec City

Province: QC

Years of Experience: 5+

Number of Positions: 1


  • English
  • French

Contact Email: bmprecruiter@bayshore.ca

Bayshore HealthCare

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Job Summary

Occupational Therapists are responsible for providing occupational therapy advice, consultation, assessments and recommendations on client files and program and policy development in support of the customer’s mission to provide client centered services and benefits that respond to the needs of clients.

Language of work may be in English/ French or both.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide OT consultation services and advice on a wide variety of issues related to the treatment of adults and older adult clients. This includes, but is not limited to, the provision of professional advice and recommendations on client cases presented at Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) meetings and case conferences.
  • Use the customer’s software systems to request OT assessments and reports from external occupational therapy providers; to review and finalize these reports and to follow-up with the respective members of the IDT or others on services for the client; and, to monitor, report on, and follow-up on the “Due Dates” of forms assigned to external providers.
  • Follow-up with other service providers and vendors regarding quality and status of work.
  • Participate in IDT meetings and case conferences on client or health-related issues. Make any follow-up calls and inquiries from an occupational therapy perspective related to clients discussed at Interdisciplinary Team meetings or during case conferences/consultations with staff.
  • Make recommendations and give professional approval or decline of various benefits or services for clients, in accordance with customer policy, including determining the assessment instruments to be used, the related amount of time required, and advising the external providers, via use of the customer’s and its partners’ software solutions, advise other staff who initiate expenditures of the professional recommendations and/or approval.


The Field Occupational Therapy Services Officer shall possess, as a minimum:

  • 24 months equivalence of full time experience as an occupational therapist (OT) within the last five (5) years providing occupational therapy treatment or services to adults; or, supervising or teaching the practice of occupational therapy treatment of adults.
  • A minimum of one year full-time equivalent experience, within the last five years, in providing occupational therapy treatment/services to clients enrolled in a formal psychiatric/mental health program.


Field Occupational Therapy Services Officers must, as a minimum, possess:

  • A Baccalaureate Degree in Occupational Therapy from a recognized university ( If the degree is from outside Canada, the contractor must provide the Canadian equivalency of the degree evaluated by a recognized third party.);
  • A current licence to practice from a provincial or territorial College of Occupational Therapy in the province of practice.
  • A valid driver’s license in the province where the work is to be performed.

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