Specialty Pharma Nursing Manager - Quebec City, QC

Date Posted:

DivisionBayshore Specialty Rx

Job Type: Part Time

Employment Status: Permanent

City: Quebec City


Years of Experience: 3-5

Number of Positions: 1


  • English
  • French

Contact Email: ktran@bayshore.ca

Bayshore HealthCare

Bayshore is an Equal Opportuity Employer. We encourage all candidates who have the right mix of skills, abilities and a passion for excellence to apply.

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Bayshore HealthCare

Bayshore HealthCare is one of the country's leading providers of home and community health care services and a Canadian-owned company. Its services are purchased by government care programs, insurance companies, workers' compensation boards, health care organizations, the corporate sector and the public. The Bayshore brand extends across four business divisions: Bayshore Home Health (medical and non-medical home care and staffing services), Bayshore Specialty Rx (specialty pharmacy, infusion and pharmaceutical patient support services), Bayshore Therapy & Rehab (physiotherapy and rehabilitation services) and Bayshore Dialysis (dialysis centers). The company's goal is to enhance the quality of life, well-being, dignity and independence of Canadians of all ages. Bayshore HealthCare has been a recipient of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies award since 2006.

Job Summary

The Specialty Pharma Nursing Manager BSRx hereinafter referred to as the “SPNM”, reporting directly to the Senior Operations Manager Specialty Nursing under the direction of the National Director Nursing Services BSRx is accountable for the day-to-day BSRx nursing and administrative operations, general oversight, and leadership within their assigned territory of the specialty Nursing Network. The SPNM will oversee a team of Specialty Pharma Nurse Supervisors (SPNS), Team Leads, Primary Nurses, and frontline Nursing staff In order to ensure quality care throughout the BSRx nursing network both in our infusions clinics and at home. The SPNM is responsible for the delivery of all Nursing services, within the assigned territory while ensuring compliance with internal and external Standards of Practice of the province(s) that the service delivery takes place. The SPNM works directly with the local Bayshore Home Health offices who recruit and onboard highly skilled nurses. The SPNM or delegate will assist with the training, coordination of clinical education and in-service activities and all other clinical requirements for new hires.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervise and support service Delivery within Bayshore’s Infusion Clinic and Home Pharma Network
  • Acts as a clinical and operational resource to Bayshore Specialty Rx’s Nursing Supervisors (SPNS)Nursing Team Lead’s and frontline Specialty Infusion/Injection Nurses, by providing support, leadership, mentorship, and guidance as needed;
  • Identifies, assess, and implements new business opportunities under the direction of the Senior Operations Manager and Director
  • Undertakes change management activities to meet ever changing business needs;
  • Responsible for the clinical education of all new Specialty Nurses’
  • Accountable for completion of on-boarding and general training;
  • Implement performance management initiatives with subordinates;
  • Ensure clinic nurses are compliant with Bayshore policies and procedures;
  • Responsible for ensuring Bayshoreand Partner clinics meet Bayshore standards, in preparation for both internal and external audits as applicable:
  • Participates in internal and external audits and ensures that Specialty Infusion Clinic(s) within his/her region are operating efficiently and safely;
  • Performance management, and probationary/annual performance review of direct reporting Clinical staff;
  • Acts as liaison between PSS Program Managers Branch management, and Area Directors staff nurses and medical advisors, as appropriate;
  • Participates in sales or public relations efforts with key stakeholders;
  • Participate in ongoing internal and/or external continuing education activities;
  • Participate in quality activities and continuous improvement initiatives in keeping with the company’s Quality Management System;
  • Participate in proactive Health & Safety activities while performing all duties;
  • Completes all other tasks delegated by the Senior Operations Manager, as
  • Coordinates billing invoices for dedicated clinics
  • Responsible for ensuring the maintenance of all applicable training such as PSS pharma program training and associated PV, DeSouza training, ACLS certifications
  • Will ensure that an average of 25% of work time is in billable hours*.
    • To be clear the SPNM will perform clinical activities which can be billed back to a customer and represent approximately an average of 9 billable hours* per
    • The SPNM will self-schedule either in the clinic or at
    • The SPNM will use billable hours’ time to ensure clinical expertise are maintained by performing duties such as a clinic or home pharma shifts, secondary nurse duties at clinic, (if required for maintenance of nurse patient ratio), training and
  • In conjunction with the local sales team, reviews local business need for and coordinates new clinic set up within their assigned territory
  • Reviews clinical utilization, scheduling, and local trends including issues and challenges as required
  • Reviews all QMR’s incidents and quality issues, ultimately responsible for assisting with planning corrective actions and actively participating in QMR trending within the assigned territory
  • Responsible for employee engagement, retention and turnover in a dedicated region
  • Work with the local sales team in order to Recruit on site / on call Doctors for Clinics
  • Perform duties of Nursing Supervisors in areas of Region without assigned Nursing Supervisor


  • Minimum 5 years Nursing experience, preferably in a critical care (e.g., ER or ICU), infusion clinic, or oncology setting;
  • Previous nursing management or leadership experience will be seen as an asset;
  • Previous oncology work experience will be seen as an


  • Graduated from an accredited Nursing School with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BScN) degree or equivalent;
  • Current registration and in good standing with the provincial nursing licensing body of all clinics/ service delivery in their assigned territory
  • Candidate must be a Registered Nurse;
  • Master’s degree or equivalent will be seen as an asset

Other Information

  • Peripheral intravenous administration skills
  • Central Vascular Device Access and Care Skills (e.g., , CVADs and PICCs);
  • Current ACLS and CPR certification;