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Category Archive Ask the Expert

  1. The Power of Digital Health

    Written by: Dunham

    How technology is enhancing the patient experience Across Canada, digital health is transforming the way people receive health care. Digital tools and apps are changing how patients and physicians interact. They’re helping physicians make decisions and improving collaboration between health teams. They’re also boosting patient safety and empowering Canadians to manage their own health. Bayshore...

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  2. When It’s Time for ‘The Talk’

    Written by: Bayshore HomeHealth

    senior in conversation There are several milestones in our lives that are accompanied with a special talk or conversation. These informal talks are delivered with solemnity, sometimes with humour, almost always with affection and occasionally with nervousness. They occur at the cusp of change that symbolizes transition – perhaps in maturity or level of responsibility and sometimes because...

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  3. Occupational Therapy: An Inside Look

    Written by: Sameen Junejo

    young girl gets up from wheelchair and raises hands up. October is Occupational Therapy month in Canada. This month we want to shed light on the benefits of what therapy and rehabilitation can do for you. Meet Katie Schinkel, OT (Occupational Therapist) and Bayshore’s Director of Therapy and Rehab. Katie has been with Bayshore for five years, and has an inspirational story to tell about...

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