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Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

What is occupational therapy?

If you are unable to participate in your normal daily activities due to an illness, disability, injury or the aging process, an occupational therapist can help. Our occupational therapists are skilled, regulated health professionals who work directly with you and your family, employer and/or other professionals to help you learn or re-learn everyday activities, and increase your mobility, independence and active participation in life.

Our occupational therapy services

What to expect

Occupational therapists help maximize functional independence for individuals with a wide range of limitations, so every client will receive a unique therapy program. Generally speaking, during your first appointment you’ll take part in a thorough assessment of your functional abilities and limitations. You may also undergo a physical, cognitive or psycho-emotional evaluation and we may arrange an assessment of your home, workplace or other environment. From here the occupational therapist will work in partnership with you to identify goals and develop a personalized therapy plan, communicating with other health care professionals on your team. The therapist will recommend assistive devices and technologies, if appropriate, teach you how to use them, provide education and monitor your progress. Your occupational therapist will also refer you to other helpful community resources.
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