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Physiotherapy Services

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy focuses on evaluating, restoring and maintaining optimal physical function using a range of treatment techniques. Our physiotherapists have a detailed understanding of how the body works, and apply their specialized education and clinical skills to assess and improve clients’ movement and function, and help identify and relieve their underlying causes of pain.

Our physiotherapy services

What to expect

During your first visit, your physiotherapist will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your health history, pain, movement, strength, balance, sensory system and cardiorespiratory status. The information gathered in the assessment will be used to determine a diagnosis and provide insight into your specific situation. From there, your physiotherapist will work in partnership with you to establish a personalized treatment plan, consulting with other members of our health care team if necessary. When your treatment program is complete your physiotherapist will teach you how to continue or maintain your progress independently, and advise you of relevant community programs.
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