Northern Nursing

Bayshore’s Northern Nursing is a leader in the provision of community health relief staffing services to aboriginal and northern communities across Manitoba, Northern Ontario and Quebec. Since 1997, our dedicated management team has been committed to delivering exceptional patient care. To our community health nurses we offer unlimited opportunities for dynamic professional and personal growth.


Bayshore HealthCare Northern Nursing

Communities we serve

Ancient boreal forests, unspoiled wilderness, spectacular northern lights… remote nursing is a unique opportunity to experience the power and beauty of Manitoba’s north and to learn more about the proud and diverse cultures of First Nations communities.

Our nursing stations are well equipped to treat community members of all ages – from newborns to elders. English and aboriginal languages are spoken in the communities. Whenever an interpreter is needed, friends or family members are there to help.

A station may have from two to 12 nurses, depending on the needs and size of the community. All stations have 24-hour security, and community members provide reception, maintenance, housekeeping and community health support services.

For more information about our Northern Nursing program, please contact Brenda Testaguzza at 514 879 5657 or via email at

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