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Did you know that every year, one in three older adults will experience a fall? And the results can be devastating, including broken hips, head injuries and even death.

Preventing falls among elderly adults

A falls prevention audit from Bayshore can help you and your loved one reduce the risk of falls at home, making staying at home safer.

The fall prevention audit includes:

  • An observational visit in the home to ensure any hazards are identified,
  • Development of a plan for removing identified hazards,
  • A medication review to ensure side-effects that can lead to dizziness, weakness or falls are managed accordingly and
  • An activation program, focusing on strength training and balance enhancement.

Our specially-trained clinical team provides the following services:

  • Assessing each patient’s risk of experiencing a fall using the Morse Falls Scale.
  • Developing a customized care plan that works at dramatically reducing the risk of future falls including:
    • Addressing environmental risks in the home
    • Developing fall prevention strategies for patients
    • Teaching patients exercises to strengthen their balance
  • Working closely with the patient’s home care provider to monitor and evaluate the patient’s progress

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