Support for your employees and their immediate family members in the event of an illness or other health crisis

CAREpath’s HealthCareAssist program provides support to your employees and their immediate family members in the event of an illness or other health crisis. This comprehensive health care navigation service provides answers, guidance and support before, during and after treatment.

HealthCareAssist provides individualized case management for all types of medical conditions.

Bayshore CAREpath HealthCareAssist

Here’s how we help:

  • We provide a single point of contact with one Nurse Navigator to maintain continuity of care
  • We provide bilingual services across Canada, in both rural and urban communities
  • We deliver our support by phone, for timely and efficient service
  • We provide in-depth assessments of treatment plans to ensure they are consistent with medical best practice
  • We explain patients’ options for tests and treatments
  • We facilitate access to diagnostic tests, treatments and clinical trials
  • Through Cleveland Clinic Canada, we provide virtual doctor-to-doctor consults with the patient’s local treating physicians after completing medical second opinions
  • We guide patients to alternate treatment locations in and outside Canada, when requested or required
  • We dramatically improve the overall quality of care, recovery and outcomes


HealthCareAssist combines CAREpath’s team of highly trained and caring Nurse Navigators with Cleveland Clinic’s global network of physicians and specialists. Nurse Navigators communicate with patients and families by phone, for timely and efficient service.

HealthCareAssist is confidential, and there is no cost to patients and their families.

For more information about HealthCareAssist, visit or call 1-866-599-2720 ext 34830.

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