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Our Team

Olwyn Lewis – Area Director has been working with Northern Nursing (MB & NU) since 2006. As a manager of community health nursing services, Olwyn has worked in collaboration with First Nations and Inuit Health, Regional Health Authorities throughout Manitoba and Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living as well as other community organizations and private clients.

Olga Bryden – Manager of Clinical Practice, is a respected member of our Bayshore Team with extensive clinical mental health experience. She is always readily available to support the nurses working in the Northern Nursing Health Centres.

Marilyn Dyck – Human Resource Coordinator has been a valued member of our Winnipeg Bayshore team since 2007. She brings a wealth of administrative experience, welcomes inquiries and will happily walk you through our hiring process.

Karen Robinson – Franko, Coordination is our primary northern nursing coordinator whose first mission is that of establishing a mutually respectful rapport with our nurses. and then is responsible for the scheduling and coordination of assignments. Our coordinators have extensive experience in receiving, booking, documenting, confirming and following up on our staffing assignments.

Laura Johnson – Nurse Educator provides clinical training to  nurses as a consultant. She presently teaches in the University of Manitoba’s nurse practitioner and undergraduate nursing programs, and is past president of the Nurse Practitioner Association of Manitoba. She also works for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority as an emergency department nurse practitioner and has worked as a sessional instructor for the University of Manitoba’s and University of Victoria’s nursing schools throughout her 14-year career. She graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1997 with a Bachelor Degree in Nursing and received her Masters Degree in Nursing in 2005.

Elaine Symesko – Payroll & Accounting has worked within our Bayshore team for 12 years and is responsible for all payroll and billing. She ensure that time slips are processed accurately, invoices produced in a timely manner and in accordance with contractual requirements .