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Memory and Cognitive Impairment Management

For people who have memory or cognitive concerns as a result of an illness, brain injury, concussion, dementia or other cause, Bayshore Therapy & Rehab can assist.  Our regulated health professionals can help ensure continued safety in the home, workplace, and community to maximize independence with daily activities.

Services include:

Home Safety Assessments and Falls Prevention Strategies – ensure a person’s cognitive difficulties are not creating problems in their home environment. A therapist can conduct a home visit and provide recommendations to address deficits and safety concerns, including balance and mobility exercises, and equipment recommendations to support a person to remain independent in his or her home.

Cognitive Remediation – therapy sessions conducted one on one to work on developing and regaining cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration, orientation, information processing, problem solving and organization to improve function in a range of activities in the person’s life.

Compensatory Memory Strategies – working collaboratively with a therapist to develop concrete strategies to overcome deficits using aids such as calendars, to-do lists and alarms, to maintain and maximize independence in daily activities.

Cognitive Communication Treatment – therapy that focuses on increasing skills of alertness, attention, information processing and oral motor movements in order to regain lost skills and improve or compensate for communication skills that have been impacted.

Behavioural Management – working with a person to make changes in his or her environment to minimize memory and orientation difficulties and support independence, including strategies to deal with symptoms such as impulsivity, anxiety, wandering or communication issues.

Caregiver Communication Training- working with families and caregivers to provide strategies and techniques to allow them to continue to communicate effectively with a cognitively impaired loved one on a daily basis.

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