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Neuro Rehabilitation Services and Centre

What is Neuro-rehabilitation?

Bayshore Therapy & Rehab’s state-of-the-art neuro-rehabilitation clinic, located in Windsor, Ont. offers specialized physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology services for clients with neurological or other complex conditions. Our experienced interdisciplinary team works with clients who have experienced acquired brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or strokes, or who have chronic or debilitating illnesses that limit their day-to-day independence. Clients receive an individualized therapy plan that matches them with the right professionals to help them achieve their full potential. Our neuro-rehabilitation services are available through self-referral, as well as referral from a health care professional.

Our Neuro-rehabilitation services


New research shows that incorporating the Nintendo® Wii™ video game system into neurologic rehabilitation programs can have amazing benefits. We offer Wii-hab to clients who have suffered strokes, undergone surgery or have contact injuries, multiple sclerosis or other conditions. Wii-hab can increase strength, balance, postural stability and co-ordination, and improve limb function. It’s also fun!

What to expect

A registered therapist meets with each client to conduct an in-depth assessment of current functioning. They will then develop an individualized treatment plan integrating the right professional therapists and programs. The assessment may include an examination of sensation, movement, balance and walking, ability to complete self-care and other occupational activities, plus communication and swallowing abilities. Our goal is to help clients achieve their potential and the greatest level of independence.