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Warning Signs of Heart Disease and Stroke

Written by: Sameen Junejo

An estimated 70,000 Canadians suffer from heart attacks each year, with 16,000 Canadians dying as a result. It is important to learn to recognize the signs of a heart attack so you can react quickly and save a life. The warning signs of a heart attack are below:

50,000 Canadians each year experience a stroke and out of 100 people that have a stroke, 15 per cent die as a result. Strokes can happen at any age, however, after the age of 55 the risk of stroke doubles every ten years. The warning signs of stroke are below:

Warning signs of heart disease and stroke should not be taken lightly. While heart disease and stroke are treatable, like any other disease, it is best to diagnose early to ensure the person is able to receive necessary care, treatment and support.

Treatment for heart disease includes a wide array of medication, surgeries and therapies. People suffering from a heart disease should consult their doctor to decide which medical option is best for them, given their condition.

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