An after-hours Patient Support Program for patients receiving systemic therapy

Carepath, a subsidiary of Bayshore HealthCare Ltd., in partnership with the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre, has been piloting an after-hours Patient Symptom Management and Support Program for patients receiving systemic therapy since July 2016.

In December 2017, CareChart was awarded a grant through the Health Technologies Fund in partnership with five Ontario Cancer Centres and a third-party vendor to innovate the program with real-time shared access to patient health records. This funding will increase the current level of symptom management support for oncology patients, extend hospital reach for patients outside of the treatment centre, and reduce avoidable emergency room visits after clinic hours.

CareChart was successful in the teletriage RFP from Cancer Care Ontario (CCO).  CCO is sponsoring the spread of the program to provide this after-hours service to cancer treatment centres across Ontario. This high impact program will support as many as 74 hospitals once fully spread.

CareChart services are administered by experienced Registered Oncology Nurses that provide symptom management using evidence-based guidelines. All reports are shared with the patient’s treatment facility, allowing for timely follow-up support from their treatment team if needed.

Mobile screen of care chart that shows sign-in and create account buttons. The screen has "Care Chart Digital Health by Bayshore" as the header.

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