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We partner with healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical manufacturers to connect patients to the support they need, when it matters most.

You have truly made Mom’s struggles feel lighter and I am sure you’ve brought her better health because of the stress you’ve taken on so that she would not have to bare it all.

Erin C.

About Patient Assistance Programs

We provide patient assistance programs for specialty medications that are fully customizable to patient needs.

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Pharmacy Network and Distribution

We offer a high level of expertise in the preparation, storage and delivery of intravenous (IV) and injectable medications.

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Infusion and Injection Services

Our goal is to treat patients at home or in our clinics safely and quickly, to improve health outcomes.

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Clinical Trials

Clinical trial management of investigational medical products and supplies across Canada.

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For Manufacturers

We partner with you to design programs that meet the needs of your patient base.

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For Patients

We support you and your family throughout your journey, from diagnosis onward.

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Diabetes Care

We offer specialized diabetes-focused services to manufacturers, diabetes educational clinics and patients.

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Caring for Seniors at Home

Home care is all about trust. We’ve been caring for Canadians for over 50 years.

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Insurer & Employer Services

Prevention strategies and disability management programs for a healthier workplace

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Government Healthcare Services

A trusted provider of home healthcare services for government funders across Canada.

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About Bayshore

Bayshore HealthCare is one of Canada’s leading providers of home and community healthcare services. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life, well-being, dignity and independence of Canadians of all ages.

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