Clinical Trials

Expanding Canada’s capacity to discover the next breakthrough treatment

We offer clinical trial management of investigational medical products and supplies across Canada. We recognize that experience, skills and up-to-date education are imperative to successful clinical trials, so our programs are led by CCRP® certified program managers with clinical quality support teams – many individuals holding Masters and PhD degrees.

Our experienced team of healthcare professionals (HCPs) is trained on study specific protocols and work closely with study sites across the country to ensure patients receive the care or service they need in a convenient location.

Our clinical trial support services are delegated medical responsibilities and are under the responsibility of a Primary Investigator (PI). These services meet all industry standards including ICH/GCP, IATA and privacy rules. Because of our national coverage, Bayshore HCPs observe local rules and regulations where the clinical trials are serviced.

In addition, our clinical trial services include:

  • Storing, dispensing and destruction of study Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP)
  • Administration of IMP in our network of infusion clinics or in the patient’s home
  • IV, IM, SC or oral administration of the drug
  •  Infusion pump management services
  • Specimen collection, processing and shipping to a central lab (including blood, urine and other biologic samples)
  • Data capture and analysis
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