Paediatric Program

Health care for the unique needs of children, youth and their families

Bayshore offers a range of paediatric health care services across Canada for children and youth in their homes, at school or daycare, and where appropriate, on community outings. With over 350 paediatric nurses, our program serves provincial health and regional health authorities.

A female caregiver helping a girl get up from the walker.

When caring for children and youth, we work together with our young clients and their families, healthcare professionals, community partners and our internal team to develop an approach that is:

  • Individualized
  • Responsive
  • Respectful
  • High-quality and safe
  • Child, youth and family centred
  • Culturally appropriate
  • Integrated and collaborative
  • Reflective of evidence-based practice
  • Equitable
  • Accountable
  • Trusting and nurturing

We believe the quality of services is achieved through holistic partnerships and teamwork. Using feedback from clients, families and care staff, our approach to service delivery is compassionate, empathetic, respectful and reflective of care practices that are aligned to standards of safety, quality and effectiveness.

Our Family Advisory Network (in BC) was established to ensure we are improving the client and family experience. In 2017, Accreditation Canada awarded our Bayshore Paediatric Specialty Care Program (BC) with its highest level of achievement, the Exemplary Award. This award is a reflection of the dedicated and expert work performed by our paediatric team, focused on quality, managing risk in a community setting, supporting families to be families, and successful client outcomes.

Our Services

Bayshore provides a range of services for paediatric clients:

  • Visiting and shift nursing paediatric services in various settings including home, daycare, school, and residential hospice for for medically complex and fragile children, and children needing palliative care
  • Diabetic program for children in school
  • Oncology program for children receiving chemotherapy
  • Children’s public health programs including immunization programs
  • Infusion pharmacy, medical supplies and medical equipment services
  • Services to children with acquired brain injury, such as nursing, personal care and rehabilitation therapy, including speech language services
  • Services to children affected by a motor vehicle accident (MVA) or malpractice,
  • Diabetes care, tracheostomy care, supported ventilation (ventilator, BiPAP, CPAP), peritoneal dialysis (PD), seizure disorders, enteral feeds (G or J tubes), oral suctioning, catheterization, oncology care, CVAD line care, challenges related to growth and development

In addition to providing comprehensive health care services, Bayshore’s Quality Management Process supports the identification of safety hazards that pose risks to clients and their families. Our approach helps to manage complex care in the home or community setting allowing parents to focus on creating a positive and impactful family life.

Our locations

Our funders and partners

Our contracts supporting paediatric care include:

  • Many of the Local Health Integrated Networks across Ontario
  • Federal government within Indigenous communities across Canada
  • Children and Women’s Health Centre of British Columbia
  • Darling Home for Kids
  • Municipally funded government programs
  • Provincially funded complex care programs
  • Regional hospital coordinated infusion pharmacy programs
  • Community Living BC
  • Ontario Ministry of Education
  • Department of Social Development, New Brunswick

For more information, please contact
Janet Daglish
National Director, Business Development and Government Relations
T: 905-822-8075 Ext. 32282

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