For Manufacturers

We partner with you to design programs that meet the needs of your patient base

We can help increase market share through product, patient and physician support programs. Drive increased patient adherence to therapy with an integrated and efficient approach.

Whether you are new to the Canadian healthcare market, looking for turnkey solutions or aiming to maintain your brand’s market share, Bayshore provides patient assistance programs for specialty pharmaceuticals.

Programs can be customized to include reporting and metrics, nursing, pharmacy, distribution, reimbursement navigation, financial assistance and call centre capabilities.

  • Largest force of specialized nurses
  • Pharmacies located in each province supporting specialty pharmaceuticals
  • National network of infusion clinics

We simplify the logistics of care and provide authentic and caring support beyond the treatment alone, resulting in the best possible patient experience.

End to end management

We help manufacturers design and launch efficient patient assistance programs to help patients start therapy as soon as possible. We understand that navigating the Canadian healthcare landscape is complex, so we aim to simplify:

  • Program and patient enrolment
  • Reimbursement submissions and navigation
  • Financial assistance and copay management
  • Drug administration (injection and infusion)
  • Drug self-administration training
  • Patient monitoring
  • Drug dispensing, distribution and delivery
  • Adherence programs
  • Pharmacovigilance (PV), adverse event and product quality complaint management
  • Program performance reporting

We keep our finger on the pulse of your patient assistance program with the goal of ensuring a positive experience for everyone involved: manufacturers, healthcare providers and ultimately, patients.

Specialty nursing for complex therapies

Patients receive care from highly specialized nurses specifically trained on the medications they administer and their related medical conditions. All nurses are Basic Life Support (BLS) certified, and all nurses in our infusion clinics are (ACLS) certified. All nurses receive ongoing education to ensure the highest quality of care.

Nurses working with oncology patients also receive training through our partnership with the de Souza Institute.

Reimbursement and financial assistance services

Patients needing specialty drug treatments often need extra support and assistance. Securing coverage for specialty drugs can be confusing for patients and with submission requirements that may vary from payer to payer and province to province. Our patient support team takes extra care to help patients and healthcare providers navigate this process. Our team will assist with public coverage applications and handle special authorization submissions, denials and appeals to private and public payers.

In those cases where insufficient private and public funding creates a financial barrier for patients, we will work with the manufacturers to build automated copay and compassionate use solutions to further support patients. We investigate bridging and financial aid options to ensure patients can start therapy with no administrative delays. We also help drug manufacturers expedite public payer reimbursement and negotiations by leveraging private market data.

Achieve better patient outcomes through data

We design and customize reporting, dashboards and data extracts for manufacturers. We meet with manufacturers to understand their healthcare goals to provide business insight for continuous improvement and to optimize program performance to ultimately deliver the best patient experiences.

Our nurse portal is available to third-party clinics and nurses and allows nurses to complete post-infusion reports and documentation on the spot. It features notification of infusion activity and validation of services performed for billing and audit requirements.

We also design physician portal solutions to allow a one-stop reporting dashboard for healthcare providers. Completely customizable, it enables manufacturers to allow insight into the patient journey.


Mom is so appreciative of your help, your guidance and support and your hard work in representing her and saving her the stress and unknowns of making contacts with people who would not listen to her. You have made things happen for her. You’ve made her feel safe and supported and like you truly care.

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