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The Multi-Generational Sandwich

Written by: Dunham

Are you part of the Sandwich Generation? If you’re currently in your late 30s or 40s, caring for children still living at home while also caring for aging parents, then you are a member of the sandwich club! Oh, and let’s not forget that, while doing this, you also maintain the everyday responsibilities of your own life and go to work.

According to Statistics Canada, more than two million Canadians are part of the Sandwich Generation.

Our aging Baby Boomer population, and children staying in the family home until they are in their 20s, means that the Sandwich Generation is here to stay. As parents age and are no longer able to independently care for themselves, they will require extra assistance to enable them to stay at home. And that home may be your home, not theirs.

As the sandwich ‘maker’ you now have to meet the physical, mental and financial needs of a small group of people. Can it be done? Yes, with practice and effort and by recognizing boundaries. It is also important to have a realistic understanding of what care can be provided in the home, possibly with the help of professional caregivers, or if it is necessary to seek other care options for your parents, such as retirement living or a long term care facility

Here are some tips to help you keep a healthy perspective:


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