Bayshore’s real-world patient data validates benefits of specialty drug for tough-to-treat gastric and esophageal cancers

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CALGARY, AB (February 15, 2023) – A new study published in Current Oncology, leveraging Patient Support Program (PSP) data collected by Bayshore’s Specialty Rx pharmacy division, demonstrates that gastric and esophageal cancer patients may see an additional benefit of 3.5 months without their condition worsening while receiving FTD/TPI treatment.

In collaboration with a team led by Dr. Winson Cheung of the Oncology Outcomes (O2) Research Group based out of the University of Calgary, the study highlights the benefits of data collected through Bayshore’s PSP by providing key insights into positive health outcomes for an effective therapy in a real-world setting. The study also supports the important role of PSPs and private data paired with advanced analytics.

“The high-quality patient data we collect at Bayshore Specialty Rx helps our partner companies demonstrate value to the health system of better utilization in tough-to-treat patients and better access for patients by demonstrating the value of reimbursement,” said Sean McBride, National Director of Commercial Operations. “Dr. Cheung and his experienced team were able to review and apply advanced analytics on the real-world data to validate the positive impact of FTD/TPI on gastric and esophageal cancer patients.”

The trend towards incorporating real-world data to inform and provide value to the clinical, regulatory and drug reimbursement decision-making processes has increased. Bayshore PSPs are designed to provide navigational and administrative support for complex reimbursement and medical systems for patients receiving specialty medication to reduce barriers and facilitate access to costly drugs for patients.

As the Current Oncology study demonstrated, robust high-quality data generated in the operational course of Bayshore PSPs can be used to provide evidence on patient treatment patterns and health outcomes throughout the patient-drug journey. By leveraging the existing data sources and the application of advanced analytics in partnership with the O2 team, Bayshore-supported initiatives can aid in the access and delivery of life-saving medications to patients by providing meaningful information to clinical and regulatory stakeholders.

“Generating real-world evidence has become an increasingly important method to provide certainty to stakeholders, such as payers, physicians and patients, that medications are working (or not working). Tapping into innovative datasets, such as those from patient support programs, can be extremely valuable, especially when rigorous analytics are applied correctly. The O2 team has developed significant analytical expertise in this area, and we are excited by the growing interest in leveraging PSPs as a source of RWE generation.”

Bayshore is committed to expanding its key partnerships with manufacturers, Provincial and Federal health services, patients, prescribing physicians, and independent research units, such as Dr. Cheung’s O2 Research Group, to help bridge the information gap between the effectiveness and use of medication demonstrated in clinical trial settings and real-world patient outcomes and utilization. Together, with input from all partners, we can work towards comprehensive solutions for better health technology reimbursement assessment and patient outcomes.

About Bayshore
Bayshore HealthCare is one of the country’s leading providers of home and community health care services and is a Canadian-owned company. With locations across the country, including 11 pharmacies and 100 community care clinics, Bayshore has more than 18,000 staff members and provides care to over 350,000 clients annually. Its services are purchased by government care programs, insurance companies, workers’ compensation boards, health care organizations, the corporate sector and the public. The Bayshore brand extends across three business divisions: Bayshore Home Health (medical and non-medical home care and staffing services), Bayshore Home Care Solutions (home care services for government care programs), Bayshore Specialty Rx (specialty pharmacy, infusion and pharmaceutical patient support services), in addition to two innovation teams: Integrated Care Solutions and Bayshore Digital delivering market access capability through Bayshore Digital Gateway™  for physicians and patients to improve access to support and speed of therapy. The company’s goal is to enhance the quality of life, well-being, dignity and independence of Canadians of all ages. Bayshore has been a recipient of Canada’s Best Managed Companies award since 2006.

About O2 Group
The Oncology Outcomes (O2) team is one of the leading academic groups in Canada with over 300+ peer-reviewed scientific publications. The group is based in Calgary, Alberta and specializes in data sciences, advanced analytics, and real-world evidence generation. Across their academic collaborations, they leverage one of the largest provincial cancer data repositories in Canada that represents 4.3 million residents. They are able to link data from various sources, including electronic health records, pharmacy, hospital discharge abstracts, ambulatory care, and vital statistics to offer comprehensive insights about a patient’s diagnostics, therapeutics, and outcomes trajectory. O2 partner with industry collaborators by providing advanced analytical expertise on proprietary datasets from clinical trials, external disease registries, and patient support programs to help address a diverse spectrum of RWE needs.