Bayshore caregiver makes a difference through personalized care

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By Sahar Khan, Communications Coordinator

Osla Godwin’s journey with Bayshore has not only been about providing support but also about building lasting connections with her clients – and uncovering some hidden talents of her own.

“I am proud to say that I have added three new skills in a little less than six months,” says Osla, a Personal Support Worker based in Regina, SK. “I am now a professional comedian because I have to figure out a way to make my clients laugh and forget about their problems for as long as I can. I am a renowned singer, even though I know I sound like a frog. Singing is another way to help calm my clients down. Lastly, I am learning how to make continental dishes.”

Osla’s determination and commitment to providing exceptional care has had a remarkable impact on her clients’ overall health and wellbeing. Osla’s colleague Katheryn Bergen describes her as one of a kind.

Woman smiling at camera.
Osla Godwin, a Personal Support Worker for Bayshore Home Health, based in Regina, SK.

“She always strives to go above and beyond the call of duty and often volunteers to help at events, fundraisers, and will step in to fill any open shift she can,” says Katheryn, Lead Client Service Coordinator for Bayshore Home Health in Regina, SK. “Osla is a warm, energetic, and helpful colleague and an incredibly compassionate advocate for our clients.”

Osla recently attended an audiologist appointment with a non-verbal client who had suffered multiple strokes. “Usually, his speech comes out blurred or distorted, and he just prefers to keep mute instead of confusing everyone,” Osla explains.

However, Osla’s knowledge of the client and creativity allowed her to create an alternative communication method. She accompanied the client in the soundproof booth and used non-verbal communication through hand squeezes to indicate when he heard a beep.

“It worked perfectly,” she explained. “I would then give a thumbs up to the audiologist who was outside the glass box so she could document his hearing patterns. As a result of this, the client was relaxed and participated fully. He would squeeze my hand at intervals when he heard a beep and smile.”

After months of consistent work and dedication to this client, Osla is so proud of how much he has progressed. “He can now drink juice from a cup without spilling it and it excites me to see how far he has come,” Osla expressed.

Osla’s personalized approach to her role as a caregiver sets her apart. What truly makes a difference in the lives of her clients, she says, is not merely about fulfilling a job description but about understanding and meeting the individual needs of each client.

“Osla is simply a joy to have on our team,” says Katheryn. “She is one of our top requested caregivers because of the lasting positive impression she leaves behind where clients feel completely supported and cared for. We couldn’t ask for more in a caregiver!”