Bayshore Angel Program

Honour a Bayshore employee for the exceptional care you or a loved one received.

Did a nurse, personal support worker or office staff make a difference in your day or in the care of a patient or loved one?

Our Bayshore Angel Program is a thoughtful way to say thank you to those who go above and beyond to provide our patients or employees with extraordinary service or care, every day.  Honour a Bayshore employee who made a positive impact on your experience by nominating him or her to let them know that the special care given did not go unnoticed.

Your Bayshore Angel will receive a custom-crafted pin to proudly wear, signifying to others that they deliver compassionate care to patients, loved ones or co-workers.  We will also send a letter with a special message from you as to why they are being honoured (unless you would like to remain anonymous).  Your message of appreciation will also be shared with your honouree’s supervisor as well as his or her professional colleagues.

The Bayshore Angel Program gives you and Bayshore Home Care Solutions the opportunity to improve healthcare and transform lives.

Click here to make donations to Bayshore Foundation for Empowered Living in honour of your caregiver. 100% of your donation plus a 50% match from the foundation will go to our local charity, Carefor Hospice. For example, if you donate $20, $30 will go do Carefor Hospice; $50 becomes $75 and so on.

The Bayshore Foundation for Empowered Living was created to assist those living with illness, injury or aging reclaim or maintain their independence. As a national charity, we support local charities that provide the tools, programs and services needed to empower these individuals.

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