Scam Alert! Please note that there are 2-3 individuals who are posing as Bayshore HR Recruiters/Managers. If anyone reaches out to you regarding your interest in a position at Bayshore and invites you to an interview over Skype from a US number, please do not accept it. During the Skype interview, you will be offered a position within 10 minutes and asked to provide your personal banking details. Bayshore would never ask for banking information, or hire you, over the phone. If you are offered a Skype interview, please report this to us. Do not hesitate to email us at to verify if the recruiter is a legitimate Bayshore recruiter. Please be cautious and reach out to us if you are in doubt.

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Medical Personnel

Our Bayshore Medical Personnel division delivers excellent healthcare services by sourcing and hiring highly qualified healthcare professionals across the country to support those who have and those who continue to serve and protect our country.



Immediate access to health care professionals. Providing temporary staffing solutions to hospitals and care facilities.


Working at Bayshore

Not all superheroes wear capes. In these difficult times, we have been called upon to be extraordinary, and you have risen to the occasion.

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Caring for Seniors at Home

Home care is all about trust. We’ve been caring for Canadians for over 50 years.

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Patient Assistance Programs

Patients needing specialty therapies benefit from extra support.

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Insurer & Employer Services

Prevention strategies and disability management programs for a healthier workplace

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Government Healthcare Services

A trusted provider of home healthcare services for government funders across Canada.

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My ill husband has had the pleasure of having your awesome staff come to our home to care for him. They are all so friendly and very compassionate, and extremely diligent. They never hesitate when I call with a problem.

Wife of Client in Hamilton, ON