Travelling tips for Seniors

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As the weather warms up, you may be considering a trip to see your loved ones. Whether you are travelling close by, across the country or overseas, it is important to plan ahead to ensure your safety and comfort while you are away. Here are some tips for planning your trip, be it by plane, train or car:

  • Check popular travel companies to see if they offer reduced rates for seniors. Transportation providers such as Via Rail* may offer exclusive prices to travelers over 60 so you may want to consider taking advantage of these special rates. Before purchasing a train ticket, speak with your physician to make sure it’s safe for you to be seated for an extended period of time.
  • Travelling by Air? Let your airline know that you need assistance when you book your ticket. Some airlines including Air Canada* offer helpful services to senior passengers. You may be able to get help getting to the gate, checking your baggage and even getting through customs. Many airlines offer services like special seating and assistance with oxygen tanks. Ask your travel agent or contact the airline for details.
  • Consider travel insurance. Travel insurance can come in handy in case of a medical emergency, lost baggage or flight delays. Several Canadian insurance companies such as Destination Travel Health and Medipac* offer insurance to Canadian seniors, as well as other convenient services like currency exchange and auto insurance in case you have car trouble during your trip. Knowing you are protected against the unexpected can take the worry out of travel.
  • Speak up about your accommodation wishes. Did you know that 60% of grandparents surveyed said they’d rather stay in a hotel than in their grandchildren’s home? Don’t worry about offending your family – if the presence of little ones poses a fall risk or other safety hazard, or if staying with family will affect your ability to sleep comfortably, speak up and consider alternative accommodations. Let your family know if you think that staying in a hotel is the most comfortable option for you.

Use these tips to plan your travels all year round and make sure to get plenty of rest before the trip.

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