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Diabetes Express

Direct to home delivery of all your diabetes supplies and prescriptions

We do it all… Right, to your door!

Diabetes Express™, a division of Bayshore Specialty Rx, is a national direct-to-client pharmacy dispensing and delivery service. Specializing in diabetes products and care, Diabetes Express has knowledgeable staff that is available Monday to Saturday to answer your diabetes questions, or you can browse the products and services online. In being a full service pharmacy and having locations in every province, we can also offer dispensing and delivery of all your prescriptions (not just the diabetes-related ones). We can bill private and government insurance plans before your order arrives. Let us help you make managing your diabetes easier by removing the burden of keeping up with your supplies, and give you back the time to enjoy life.

We understand the emotional and financial impact of diabetes on an individual and family can be tremendous. We offer non-credit based financial programs for insulin pump users (Pump Now Pay Later Program™) and provide Bravo™,Canada’s lowest cost test strip, exclusively created with our clients in mind.

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Trademarks “Diabetes Express”, “Diabetes Express Pharmacy” and “Pump Now Pay Later” are owned by Polar Valley Investments Ltd. and used under licence.