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Infusion Clinic & Nursing Networks

A safe and convenient choice for infusion therapy

Patients who require injection or infusion services can choose to receive their drugs in their home or at one of community infusion clinics.

Similar to a traditional hospital setting, our infusion clinics offer the highest level of safety, comfort and clinical expertise. Our clinics are established using Hospital and Cancer Care Ontario protocols and are conveniently located in close proximity to hospitals. We specialize in oncology, immune-oncology, neurology, and rheumatoid arthritis, with more than 67,000 patient visits and over 58 drugs administered. We also offer specialty pharmaceutical therapies for gastroenterology, dermatology, rare diseases and intravenous (IV) antibiotics.

We are able to support off-site, in home administration of infusions and injections through an integrated patient care experience.

Individualized, patient care plans created and implemented in collaboration with prescribing physician, including the ability to facilitate the collection and processing of blood work.

Our goal is to treat patients in the community safely and quickly to improve patient outcomes.

Specialized clinical expertise

Patients receive care from highly specialized nurses specifically trained on the medications they administer and their related medical conditions. All nurses are Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certified and receive ongoing education to ensure the highest quality of care.

Nurses working with oncology patients have completed the Provincial Standardized Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Course through our partnership with the deSouza Institute.

We are proud of our Canadian heritage, and 100% of our nurses are bilingual in the province of Quebec. We also have bilingual nurses available in parts of Ontario and Atlantic provinces.

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Onsite physicians in case of emergencies

Bayshore infusion clinics employ best practice emergency protocols to ensure patient safety at all times. Each clinic is equipped with crash carts, infusion pumps and full resuscitation equipment. Bayshore’s onsite physician, known as the Medical Advisor to the clinic, is aware of every high risk infusion and will intervene as necessary.

Central contact for scheduling and inquiries

Each of our community infusion clinics has an appointment booking line for ease of scheduling. Our clinic managers are available to answer any questions you may have.

Within 48 hours, patients are contacted to schedule their infusion appointment. Evening and weekend services may also be available as needed.

An extension of your clinical practice

Our infusion clinics work in collaboration with referring physicians to develop individualized care plans for each patient. Referring physicians are updated on their patients’ progress and the outcome of their care after each visit via automated post-therapy reports.

Drug and supply delivery coordination

We arrange for the medication and supplies to be delivered to our clinics and administer the medication.

Clinic amenities for patients

All of our clinics offer comfortable infusion chairs, access to free Wi-Fi, reading material and cable television. Feel free to bring a book, puzzle or electronic device to use during your treatment.

Light snacks and beverages, such as tea and coffee, are also available in Bayshore clinics.

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