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Pharmacy, Distribution & Wholesale

Pharmacy services tailored to our clients’ unique needs.

Through our state-of-the-art pharmacies, Bayshore offers a high level of expertise in the preparation, storage and delivery of intravenous (IV) and injectable drugs used in areas such as biologics, anti-infection therapy, chemotherapy, pain management and total parenteral nutrition (TPN).

We also distribute infusion equipment and supplies including innovative infusion pumps.

Partnership with Bayshore Specialty Rx for your specialty pharmacy needs offers many advantages:

Dedication to specialty medication management

Bayshore pharmacists are specifically trained on specialty medications and understand unique patient needs. Our national infusion pharmacy network maintains a high level of expertise in the preparation, storage and delivery of medications including antibiotics, hydration, chemotherapy and pain and symptom management in compliance with USP and NAPRA standards. Each pharmacy location across Canada has the ability to deliver sterile compounded product across the country.

Expertise in cold chain drug management and shipping with DEX Medical Distribution Inc.

Through our modern, GMP-compliant facilities, we offer a variety of distribution services that includes expertise in complex medications, cold chain management and transportation, infusion equipment and supplies and supply kit packing. We have the expertise and capacity to coordinate shipments to a host of external parties, including hospitals, pharmacies, external clinics and doctors’ offices. Our 47,000 SF drug wholesale facility serves over 2,200 of such customers.

Pump equipment training and consultation

Comprehensive equipment management programs ensure infusion pumps and other supplies required for the medication administration are delivered to patients’ in-home care and alternative care facilities, such as community infusion clinics or long-term residential care facilities. Pump training and consultation is also available for clinicians and pharmacists, available 24 hours a day to address questions or concerns regarding the pump and the administration of medication

Patient support

Individualized patient monitoring with frequent assessments and access to education and counselling come standard in all of our patient assistance programs. We also provide:

Bayshore Specialty Rx also offers:

*MedsCheck in Ontario, PharmaCheck medication review in New Brunswick, Saskatchewan Medication Assessment Program and similarly named programs in other provinces are funded by their respective provincial governments for those who are eligible.

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