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New Season, New You!

Written by: Sameen Junejo

Ideas for seniors to enjoy spring and be more active.

As the weather warms up and we emerge from our wool blankets and winter coats, this is a great time to add a new and inspiring activity to your routine – and to clear the clutter that can interfere with well-being, both physical and mental.

The great outdoors: Take advantage of mild, sunny weather to enjoy nature. Local and provincial parks and botanical gardens are great places to meet family and friends for picnics, walks and bird watching. If concerns about your mobility are preventing you from going places, talk to your physician or a physiotherapist.

Get moving: Try a new physical activity and expand your social circle. Options include aerobics, lawn bowling, tai chi, golf or joining a walking club. You can also pick up an indoor activity, such as dance lessons or swimming.

Grow a mini garden: Start your own herb or flower garden. If kneeling and squatting in a garden are too hard on your joints, plant containers on your window sill or in a sunny spot indoors.

Life-long learning: Now that the snow and ice have melted and it’s easier to get around, consider signing up for a course at a seniors’ centre, library or community centre. Learn new skills – such as cooking, computer skills or a new language – or cultivate your creative side with classes in painting, drawing, writing, photography or art appreciation.

Change your look: Refresh your style with a new haircut, or update your wardrobe with new clothes for the season.

Clear the clutter: It’s called “spring cleaning” for a reason! This is a good time to get rid of unwanted items, which will create more space in your home, reduce stress and remove tripping hazards. If the task feels overwhelming, devote just 15 minutes a day to tidying and sorting. Separate things into four piles: Keep, Toss, Donate or Sell. This is also an opportunity to find special keepsakes and store them properly – or display them so you can enjoy them every day.

Meditation: Renew yourself this season by clearing out the mental clutter, too. Meditating quietly for a short time each day can help you reduce stress and improve your focus. If you need guidance to get started, look for a meditation class or listen to online recordings.

Visit the library: Your local library offers a wealth of free information, resources and programs such as film screenings, book clubs and genealogy workshops.

 We hope this article has inspired you to try something new this spring. If you need assistance around your home or to take part in activities (for example, transportation, companionship or light housekeeping), contact Bayshore HealthCare to discuss how we can help.


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