Bayshore gives back to employees

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This year is a year of celebrating past accomplishments and building future objectives. This year is about learning to provide better service and to create a lasting impact on the lives of our clients. This year…is our 50th year of providing quality, personalized care to Canadians. With this milestone comes a reflection on past accomplishments, and a focus on future objectives to better serve our clients.

We started this celebration off on April 28th, 2015 with the launch of an interactive page and a home care video outlining the benefits of being able to keep your aging loved ones at home.

As we reached this service milestone of providing care for half a century, we’d like to share the stories that speak volumes about the company we are and how we care for all individuals we come into contact with – whether they are our dedicated employees or cherished clients.

It is our corporate mission to deliver passionate, caring service and this passion is evident from the positive reviews we’ve received from our client testimonials.

In addition to our employee statements from those recognized for their exceptional years of service, this June we awarded AIR MILES Reward Miles to give back to the hard working individuals that believe in our vision of imagine being the difference. Here’s what a few employees had to say after they found out they won AIR MILES Reward Miles:

  • Michael (5,000 Miles) – “I feel great! I am going to get movie passes, which will come in handy to take my two special needs children out. I wish I could do more for them. Winning the Miles was such a blessing. Thank you!”
  • Diane (10,000 Miles) – “I was very surprised to open my email on Tuesday morning and find that I had won 10,000 AIR MILES from Bayshore. I have only won one thing in my life, and that was a Curious George book shelf for my girls’ school 25 years ago.  I had to read the email a few times before it sunk in!  I still haven’t decided what I am going to do with the AIR MILES, but I might go on a vacation with my husband or to buy a keepsake. It is amazing how many co-workers now want to go on vacation with me! Thanks Bayshore!”
  • Anita (15,000 Miles) – “Thank you! My first thought was, are you sure I won? When Wendy said, ‘Yes, I am sure’ I was so happy. Now I can’t say that I never win anything!  My plan is to use the Miles to take a trip to Jamaica in January when the weather is cold here in Canada.”

Employee recognition is important to us as these individuals, and all Bayshore employees, are rewarded for their embodiment of our guiding values of compassion and reliability, team work and diversity, innovation, leadership and growth.

As this year goes on, we will be updating our 50th Anniversary website with touching testimonials and stories from our branches that demonstrate our commitment to caring for Canadians of all ages.