Client Stories and Testimonials

We’re dedicated to enhancing the quality of life, dignity and independence of all our clients. Read through our stories and testimonials to see how we have gone above and beyond to deliver a positive experience to the lives of our clients and caregivers.

An elderly grandmother with an adult granddaughter at home, baking.

She truly cares about her

Deb J., Saskatoon

I would just like to say how much our family appreciates Michaela!! She has been so wonderful for my mom. She truly cares about her and wants to do things to engage her and make their time together special. Michaela has been scrapbooking with my mom for a few weeks now and yesterday when I went over there I asked my mom if I could see the scrapbook. The pride my mom had showing me brought me to tears. And now today Michaela is Christmas baking with my mom, but not just any recipe. She asked me ahead of time what recipes my mom used to make over the holidays and that is what she is baking with her. Michaela goes above and beyond EVERYTIME she is with my mom and that is just priceless!! I can’t say enough good things about her!

Bayshore HealthCare stories & testimonials

Bayshore helped my family through a very challenging time

Ann H.

Thank you to everyone your help with scheduling and coordinating care aids. Bayshore helped my family through a very challenging time, and even came through when the first time I called in late September desperately needing a care aid that night. So grateful for all your help.

woman with caregiver

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking on our family at this time

Tracy W

The two Care Aid workers, Jasmeen and Jennifer have eased the stress for all of us and have instilled in me a confidence that everything will be taken care of. They have brought a sense of confidence to my mom and dad which has facilitated better overnights for both of them. Jennifer suggested buying a baby monitor so my mom can see and hear what is going on in my dad’s room. I do believe that my mom is also starting to appreciate what it has done for her as well

Jasmeen was such a good partner to me when faced with the new challenge of learning the catheter and bag systems that I felt that all that needed to be accomplished would be. I would also like to thank you again for giving me that shopping list for all the related supplies that I would require for that.

Thanks so very much.

I never felt I was fighting a battle alone

Carolyn M.

Homecare nurses not only treated my wounds, but also answered my questions, raised my spirit always and sent their concerns to my doctor when they felt it necessary. They left me with the confidence that I was going in the right direction to heal. I never felt I was fighting a battle alone and I never felt that I would not win it with their care, their ears, their honesty and their professionalism. Thank you Bayshore for taking care of my worries and woes, lifting my spirit and helping me heal.

Bayshore HealthCare home care companionship playing with dog

My nurse got me through some difficult days with her ability to just listen


I recently hired a nurse through Bayshore to visit me post surgery on a daily basis for a week. It was the most positive experience and I miss those daily visits from Jennifer. Our chats were as valuable as her attendance to my post surgical medical needs. That reassurance that everything was going well was so valuable and the knowledge that I could make a phone call anytime if I had concerns, allayed the anxiety of being alone and wondering. The ability to have a designated time each day for the appointments and to have the same nurse were uppermost in my decision. The care was both professional and personal and I wouldn’t hesitate to use your service again. A personal thank you to Jennifer, who got me through some difficult days with her ability to just listen.

You have made things happen for her. You’ve made her feel safe and supported and like you truly care.

Erin C.

I needed to reach out to you to say a heartfelt and sincere thank you to you. You may know my Mom, Darlene Found Homer. Mom has made it so crystal clear to all of us and to everyone she speaks with, that you are her angel on earth. A saint (her words!). She says she would adopt you to be her son! Lol. She has told us time and time again how much you have helped her along her journey, and that you have gone above and beyond anyone could ever expect or imagine. She has told us if anything ever happens to her that we need to remember you and your name, because you have meant that much to her. She is so appreciative of your help, your guidance and support and your hard work in representing her and saving her the stress and unknowns of making contacts with people who would not listen to her. You have made things happen for her. You’ve made her feel safe and supported and like you truly care. And for this, I (and our whole family) can’t thank you enough. You have truly made her struggles feel lighter and I am sure you’ve brought her better health because of the stress you’ve taken on so that she would not have to bare it all. So Jeff Jardine…. this is simply a note being sent your way to say thank you. I hope you have many blessings in your lifetime and rest your head at night knowing you really do make a difference. Thank you for being there for our Mom. You are remarkable and the world could use an awful lot more Jeff Jardine. Take good care and God Bless.”

kiss on the cheek

It is hard to imagine that it’s been almost 5 months since Mom and Dad were able to re-establish their independence!

Lyn S.

It is hard to imagine that it’s been almost 5 months since Mom and Dad were able to re-establish their independence! Believe me, there are many days when I revisit how fortunate I was to have you on the other end of my emails! And while the expense was unsustainable for them in the long run, you and your staff helped to get us us out of a very precarious situation.

I am happy to report, Mom is in great shape! She still has the very occasional fall but her consulting physician attributes that more to her dementia difficulties than any chronic problem. (i.e., she can ‘forget’ she is standing.) And the good news is that she is strong enough now to even get herself up!!! But the great news is that she is not only physically stronger now, her dementia has lessened a significant amount because she is no longer on a lot of ‘hurtful’ drugs. We recently celebrated the holidays together and it was a wonderful time. Mom and dad were both really excited and enjoyed the celebrations for well over 5 hours – even with 2 little guys running around! Thank you for all that you do!

Elderly woman with caregiver

Bayshore has helped us to keep Mum safe.

Debi H.

Bayshore helped my brother and I to develop a support team for my Mum who has vascular dementia and wants to stay in her own home.  Her level of anxiety and aggression rose dramatically when we started to talk about moving her to another environment.  We wanted Mum to be happy and safe where she wanted to live the rest of her life – at home.  So Bayshore included us in the selection of our PSWs who work with Mum to keep her engaged in daily activities, keep her independent and safe at home.  They are our support system.  Without them, Mum wouldn’t have lived as long as she has, nor would have been as happy as she is being at home.  They have dramatically reduced the level of stress that my brother and I had to deal with before, and we now know that she is being cared for in the way that she wants. Now we don’t have to worry. It has been Bayshore who has supported us through the process of establishing a plan and helped us set priorities as a family.


Bayshore HealthCare stories & testimonials

I called Bayshore for assistance after my fall last year.

Margaret D.

I called Bayshore for assistance after my fall last year. I fell on black ice and broke three ribs! After they sent my caregiver Giselle, we knew we didn’t need to look any further – she cleans my whole house expertly. If I was asked to recommend Bayshore, I’d do so without a doubt.

Bayshore HealthCare stories & testimonials

He deserved to be at home and comfortable.

Mario C.

My father wanted to remain in his home but was unable to safely care for himself. The Personal Support Workers from Bayshore helped him with showering and getting dressed while also assisting with meal preparation and laundry. They were his companions – he would have been alone otherwise and unable to socialize with others. I work which makes it difficult to always be there for him, and he deserved to be at home where he’s most comfortable. I’d recommend Bayshore services to others like me, especially those who are trying to help their parent remain in their own home.

Carol M

Bayshore Medical Personnel separates themselves from other health care providers in acts of caring and compassion towards their employees.​

Jennie R.

I contacted Bayshore to get help for my grandparents. A manager (Jackie) came out to meet with my grandparents and myself to hear our concerns. She made recommendations for equipment and suggested services. We had a few PSWs before finding the perfect match – Nicole. Nicole is an absolute Angel. My grandparents were apprehensive about having someone in the home, but Nicole is gentle and kind, and they look forward to seeing her each day. Nicole is great with my grandfather who has dementia, and she reminds him each day of the date and time and activities he will do for the day. I live a few hours away from them so I am able to log into the website to read the daily reports which is a big sigh of relief for me – knowing that they had a visit, what happened during the visit and they are well cared for.​

Beverly G.

Wonderful group of people at Bayshore in Smiths Falls. Their caregivers showed up everyday for three months during the shut down because of COVID. I will always appreciate their caring and helpful attitudes. My primary nurse, Leah was a godsend. Thank you Bayshore.

Ann P.

I recommend Bayshore to everyone who will listen to me. They have the most excellent staff and honour the hours that you would like them to visit. They are number one in my books.

Georgina C.

The nurse that looked after my husband during his three years of cancer was amazing. We have lots of friends here in Thessaion who have also been cared for by Bayshore and we hear nothing but how wonderful their care has been. Thanks Bayshore.

Doug St. Catharines

The exceptional care that Bayshore provided my mom over the past few years truly gave my mom her life back. There is no question that she would not be where she is today without that care – so thank you!

Janet St. Catharines

My mom is still in the hospital, unfortunately she is not capable of returning to home – and she may be moving from there to The Heatherwood, but we’re still not sure. Thank you so much for all you’ve done. It’s been invaluable. You’d be the first I’d call if we need help in the future. You guys are so awesome.

Erin C.

You have truly made Mom’s struggles feel lighter and I am sure you’ve brought her better health because of the stress you’ve taken on so that she would not have to bare it all.

Erin C.

Mom is so appreciative of your help, your guidance and support and your hard work in representing her and saving her the stress and unknowns of making contacts with people who would not listen to her. You have made things happen for her. You’ve made her feel safe and supported and like you truly care.

Erin C.

Mom has told us time and time again how much you have helped her along her journey, and that you have gone above and beyond anyone could ever expect or imagine.


Our nurse was very professional and when she finally had a chance to see the wound on my Mom’s leg, she stepped right into action and accompanied us to the ER Pasqua Hospital to act as our advocate, after taking a picture of the wound and sending it to her supervisor. Being an RN, our nurse realized how infected and smelly the wound was and figured action should be taken, after all my previous ER attempts had not produced favorable results. This lady went above and beyond her duties and her assistance was truly appreciated.

Lori E. Regina

I wanted to let you know that my mom passed away last night at the Pasqua Hospital. My family would like to thank the Bayshore Personal care givers for their care and compassion during the last six months.
The goal was no falls or broke bones. I am so grateful that we were able to ensure Mom’s safety. I would let it acknowledge the wonderful care of Verna B.  She was mom’s favorite.
Could you pass this message on to her.

Colleen V Regina

I would like to express our deepest appreciation to all of you for your dedication & kindness to Mom in the last number of years.  We are especially grateful to Cindy, who tenderly cared for Mom in her last days.  Thank you to all of you.
Finally, thank you so much for the card of sympathy.

Chris H Saskatoon, SK

We have been extremely happy with the care and attention your team has provided for my mom. I am so glad we made the change when we did. I feel like mom has come a long way towards having a more stable quality of life than even a few weeks ago and my brother and I no doubt appreciate that we don’t have to stop our lives every time there is a concern or issue with mom. Keep up the good work.

Donna F. Sarnia, ON

Bayshore has been extremely helpful and accommodating with our family since my father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The staff and case coordinators have been professional, courteous, and knowledgeable at all times. Every request that I have had has been fulfilled.
Bayshore has brought my family peace of mind at a time of confusion and distress. Knowing that we have Bayshore available to help takes some of the pressure off a very stressful situation.
I cannot thank Bayshore and their staff enough for everything they have done and continue to do for my family. I highly recommend Bayshore to anyone looking for home care services.

Mom is very independent and I don’t want her to lose that. Assured Living helps her to be independent

I am so thankful for the invaluable  respite service that Bayshore Home Health has provided for our family for the past fifteen years.  The staff are consistent, available, efficient and friendly.  Training is excellent  and knowing that there is always a reliable back up plan provides peace of mind that is so very necessary to true respite.  I could not imagine a better company to deal with.  Thank you Bayshore!

Wife of Client Sudbury, ON

We would like to thank you for the excellent service and care received from Bayshore after my husband’s surgery. The nurses who came did their job very professionally. They were friendly, and made us feel very comfortable. We only have good things to say about the service, and we don’t know what we would have done without it.

Billy W. Toronto, ON

I just wanted to thank your company for the excellent service that was provided recently for my wife. She was at home recovering from knee-replacement surgery, and we had a nurse and personal support worker for a few weeks. The professionalism exhibited by everyone we had any contact with was excellent! My wife is now recovering, but I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the service provided, and we will strongly recommend Bayshore HealthCare to all our friends and family.

Client in Barrie, ON

My caregiver was very friendly and competent – their assurance made me feel at ease. They made me feel like I was valued, and that taking care of me wasn’t a job. I was very satisfied with everything!

Dr. B

The medications were received in time. The family were in attendance and felt very comforted with how peaceful it all went.

Bob & Annie Client in Victoria, BC

From early October 2017 until mid December, we required the services of Bayshore Home Health and I cannot say enough about the professionalism and caring of the home care workers that were sent –always on time and willing to do anything to help my wife through some very stressful times. A special note of thanks to your scheduler Lucia – she is a major asset to your operation. We found the homecare workers to be wonderful and would recommend Bayshore to anyone that needs your type of service.

Rosetta B. GTA, ON

My mother received excellent care. Bayshore always accommodated my mother, especially when finding specific caregivers that speak the same language as my mother.

Nancy K. Whitby, ON

Thank you to everyone at Bayshore. You made my life livable!

Wife of Client in Sault Ste. Marie, ON

My husband is a client of Bayshore, and the people who come out to care for him are very nice and take good care of him. They explain everything to me, and this allows us to stay in our home with the support of Bayshore!

Wife of Client in Hamilton, ON

My ill husband has had the pleasure of having your awesome staff come to our home to care for him. They are all so friendly and very compassionate, and extremely diligent. They never hesitate when I call with a problem.

Daria H., Montreal, QC

Thank you for working so hard to find nurses who will attend to my husband. His health situation is difficult, and we appreciate your capable and qualified care.

Client in Brockville, ON

The logistics of self-care with two broken arms was overwhelming. Home care has helped me get through the crisis! I was grateful for the social interaction as well as the practical aspects of bathing, cleaning my teeth and dressing.

Wife of Client in Moncton, NB

I am the caregiver for my husband who has Parkinson’s. Bayshore was contacted to help ease my total responsibilities. The two Bayshore caregivers we have are excellent!

Client in Barrie, ON

My husband passed away here at home. I wanted to thank you for the efficient, caring service given to him and me. I was so glad we could keep him at home and comfortable. I was also supported mentally, physically and emotionally throughout this traumatic experience.

Client from Hamilton, ON

Very satisfied with everything. All the exercises help me a lot. I wouldn’t be able to walk if it wasn’t for my caregiver’s help.

Wife of Client in Sarnia, ON

My husband and I were treated so well. I can’t say enough.

Client in Sudbury, ON

I have had many surgeries and home care delivered to me in Ottawa. The Bayshore nurse I had was by far was the most exceptional and skilled nurse I have ever had!

Barbara S. Kelowna, BC

We are confident leaving mother in Bayshore’s quality care! They deliver wonderful service with a personal touch!

Judy A. Vancouver, BC

Bayshore understood my plea for help for my sick mother at 4:50 pm on a Friday night and they arranged to have a home nurse by the next day!

Daughter of Clients in Hamilton, ON

My family and I would like to express our gratitude for all the help and support we have received over the years with our mom and dad. The Bayshore staff were competent, compassionate, and always made us feel that our parents were in safe hands.

Client in Smiths Falls, ON

This care was a unique experience as I’m not sure a few checkmarks will adequately express our family’s profound thankfulness for the genuine care and respect and love shown to my sister and to all of her family. I cannot praise highly enough the managers who went above any beyond their duties administratively to call for my sister when it was difficult to find a caregiver overnight.

Cathy M. Owen Sound, ON

All of my Bayshore caregivers were attentive to my personal and physical needs, especially my safety at all times. They worked hard on all household chores and ensured that I always had everything that I needed. I was always treated with a high degree of respect. I have only praise for your staff!

Client in Sudbury, ON

I have had many surgeries and home care delivered to me in Ottawa. The Bayshore nurse I had was by far was the most exceptional and skilled nurse I have ever had!

Client from Edmonton, AB

Bayshore helped me with my wife for many years. You always made my wife feel like you were part of our family.
Thank you!

Monica Mississauga Seventh Day Adventist Church

I have been attending the exercise program for six weeks. Amanda Rizzuto, our instructor is pleasant and very knowledgeable. She leads a class professionally and should be commended for the fine job she does each session! Thanks Amanda. We exercise body parts from head to toe. We’ve learned about the importance of exercise and keeping fit in the educational component. On behalf of my “classmates”, I thank whoever conceived the idea for these classes. My hope is that such classes can continue to benefit all stakeholders.

Martin Resident from Chartwell Regency Retirement

I think this is a great program because it helps improve my flexibility, strength, and endurance. I really enjoy the free weights and resistance bands that we use as it helps me with my range of motion. I find that this program activates all the muscles that I wouldn’t normally do in other activities. I can see a noticeable improvement with my mobility. Thank you for having such a great program for seniors.

Ivy Chung Resident of PSL Hillside

The falls prevention classes have helped me greatly in reducing my risk of fall after my stroke. They have helped me to walk again on my feet through improved balance and gait assessments. I have become more aware of my body and balance. If I miss the class I notice I’m not as flexible.

Sarah McClaren Vancouver, BC

Live an independent lifestyle with support when you need it

Gloria W. Windsor

Caring, kind, compassionate and personable.

Calon W. GTA

The caregivers were always cheerful and respectful. Prompt service, patient and informative. All medical care should be like this!

Habib M. Calgary

I am more than fully satisfied with the excellent service provided so carefully and so sincerely by each and every care giver.

Wellington, Ontario

Excellent care for my husband and support for me! I am very grateful for everything. The staff made me fell prepared for my husband’s death.

Wellington, Ontario

My coordinator is very professional. My mother has Alzheimer’s with paranoia and she has been very understanding as her care is so complex.


The PSW was an angel for our mother

Jetta Toronto

Your caregiver was intelligent, engaging and just wonderful.

Leila Toronto

Staff were personable, professional and very competent

Burnaby, BC

The service has been excellent. The service is excellent and unique and my mother is happy with someone coming in to help her shower and do things that she can’t do herself. And the fact that it’s the same person that she has is fairly consistent, that she’s gotten to know and trust is important.

Burnaby, BC

I am extremely thankful for the help I receive. I can carry on with my life at 90 and my spirit is lifted with the service I receive. I am extremely grateful that the service is available.

Burnaby, BC

The care workers that come to give me personal care are outstanding; they are exceptionally courteous and efficient.

Wife of Client in Cornwall, ON

Thank you for the excellent care you gave my husband while he was a client. I appreciate everything you did for him, and I was so pleased to be able to keep him at home during his illness.

Son of Client in Sudbury, ON

My mom’s nurse was excellent – very caring, knowledgeable and efficient. I don’t know what I’d do without her!

Wife of Client in Smiths Falls, ON

Your care and concern enabled me to keep my husband at home until the end. We were very impressed with your services and access to medical equipment that kept him at home longer.

Client in Barrie, ON

My dad received excellent care from his Bayshore nurses. This helped both him and me stay confident keeping him at home.

Daughter of Client in Pembroke, ON

My mom’s dementia started escalating in May 2013 and in order to help her, I engaged Bayshore for Companionship services. Our caregiver was exceptional in her assistance accommodating my last minute requests.