Bayshore Caregivers Week 2017

| Press Releases

This week is Caregivers week at Bayshore HealthCare. Every October for the past 10 years, Bayshore has celebrated the hard work of more than 6,000 personal support workers, health care aides, home support workers, companions and homemakers. It is our privilege to provide such a compassionate and dedicated group of individuals to service our clients nationally. Bayshore caregivers are the ones who help us achieve our vision by making a difference in our community through their passion, dedication and continuous hard work.

And this week is to honour and appreciate all that they do.

Our clients love our caregivers as much as we do. Often times they develop a strong bond with them. They become accustomed to and look forward to their companionship and care. Our goal is to provide quality care by matching the most qualified, empathetic, and caring person whose qualifications most closely meet the needs of our client.

No one can really anticipate the right time when help from a formal caregiver is needed – The process can start when a doctor recommends extra care, at the time of a hospital discharge, or simply when you the family caregiver or the aging individual feel overwhelmed and need extra help. Bayshore is grateful to have an amazing team of caregivers whose daily mission is to make a meaningful difference in our clients’ lives. Our clients tell us all the time how grateful they are for our team of caregivers, and say thank you often with notes of appreciation or phone calls -even sending cards and letters to the branches.

For example, some heartwarming comments we’ve received are as follows:

  • “The care Stella gave was exceptional for the last six years. We all had peace of mind knowing she was there.  You found the perfect person to care for Norma, given the circumstances of her health issues.”
  • “My caregiver was very friendly and competent – reassuring. She made me feel at ease and like a person, not a job.”

When we get feedback from our clients, they tell us that it’s the little things Bayshore caregivers do that mean so much to them. From being on time to their visit, to the genuine smile of greeting  or taking the extra few moments to listen to their stories – all these little things add up to a great client experience.

Bayshore caregivers’ qualities go beyond even that – they’re driven by a deep desire to help people. With extensive training, highly developed skills, keen intuition and a positive attitude, our team works relentlessly to reinforce the Bayshore standard of quality care.

During this week, we are happy to express our appreciation for all our caregivers across Canada whose passion and caring attitude continues to set us apart from other home care organizations.