Bayshore HealthCare launches virtual care app for cancer and palliative patients

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TORONTO, ON (September 8, 2021) – CareChart, an innovative program offered by Bayshore HealthCare (Bayshore), has launched an after-hours symptoms management digital health app that lets cancer and palliative patients connect with a nurse from the comfort of their home.

The goal of the user-friendly CareChart Digital Health by Bayshore app is to reduce the need to go the emergency department by providing patients with world-class health care in their home.

Key features of the CareChart Digital Health by Bayshore app include:

  • Online and telephone triage: timely access to expert nursing support on evenings, weekends and holidays to ensure continuous and convenient care.
  • Reporting: every communication results in a real-time report submission to members of the patient’s health care team ensuring all relevant case information is shared.
  • Privacy and security: confidential, compassionate and personalized care aligned with Canadian privacy and security standards.
  • Tools and user interface: patients can access the app on a mobile device, tablet, computer and phone enabling them to communicate with nurses using their preferred communication method.
  • Self-assessment: patients are prompted to complete a self-assessment so a nurse can view the symptoms ahead of the virtual visit. Patients also have the option to connect and interact with a live nurse at any time.

The CareChart Digital Health by Bayshore app is an extension of a successful telephone triage service Bayshore created in 2016 called CareChart@home. The service, sponsored by Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario), enables cancer patients to phone a nurse after hours for support managing symptoms and is now available in more than 70 Ontario hospitals.

“The most exciting thing about the app is it will provide patients with an even better experience for them visually and virtually. Now, not only can nurses see patients’ responses, they can also interact with them over video. This gives the nurse a better sense of what’s going on because they can see the patient and in turn patients feel even more supported through a human interaction. Another huge advantage of the app is patients have the option to connect with a live nurse and can immediately get their symptoms treated instead of having to go to the emergency department after hours and sit in a waiting room,” said Dr. Peter Anglin, Medical Director, CareChart.

“It’s normal for patients and their families to experience fear and uncertainty when starting cancer treatment, particularly when the patient experiences a change or medical emergency after regular hours. By connecting patients and their families to after hour care, the CareChart app helps to provide extended access to a cancer-trained nurse who can provide advice by quickly accessing the patient’s information, making the experience less daunting by enabling the support needed to safely and effectively manage symptoms at home,” said Judy Linton, Chief Nursing Executive & Clinical Institutes and Quality Programs Executive, Ontario Health.

CareChart Digital Health by Bayshore leverages adaptable technology found in the new Bayshore Digital Experience Platform, which is designed to accelerate the shift from hospital to patient-centred home health care in Canada. The platform also enables Bayshore to partner with health care organizations and industry stakeholders across Canada on innovative digital initiatives by supporting ease of integration.

CareChart Digital Health by Bayshore is available in both the Apple and Android app stores. For more information about CareChart, please click the following link:

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