Bayshore awarded BPSO Designation for 2021-2023

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Bayshore HealthCare has been awarded the Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO) Designation for 2021-2023 by the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) and is eligible to continue in the program.

The RNAO commended Bayshore’s continued support to build capacity for nursing and the interprofessional team, and for maximizing clinical excellence and evaluating outcomes using RNAO’s Best Practice Guidelines (BPG).

In addition, the RNAO was particularly impressed by Bayshore’s governance structure, extensive project planning and stakeholder engagement completed to support the BPG, Adopting eHealth Solutions: Implementation Strategies; and the comprehensive program established for orientation, training and clinical managers leadership development that aligns with the BPG, Developing and Sustaining Nursing Leadership.

Bayshore’s BPSO journey began in May 2012 when Bayshore HealthCare was chosen to join the prestigious BPSO program along with 14 other organizations to implement its internationally recognized clinical best practice guidelines. Organizations are expected to identify ways to sustain best practices and measure their impact on patients and the organization itself.

As a chosen national BPSO, Bayshore benefits from external coaching to further enhance its services as well as provision of superior and trusted service for its clients. The BPSO designation is another way Bayshore is proving its commitment to providing excellence of care. The clinical team, as well as Bayshore’s professional, paraprofessional and administrative groups are the key to this success.

Bayshore’s focus in the 2021-2023 designation period will be to implement the BPGs, Preventing Violence, Harassment and Bullying Against Health Workers and A Palliative Approach to Care in the Last 12 Months of Life. In addition, we will be focusing on increasing the number of our internal BPSO Champions as well as improving the end-to-end reporting and collection processes and accountabilities of NQuIRE indicators to support clinical use and measuring impact of key BPGs.