People of Bayshore: Babajide Moronfolu

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Meet Babajide Moronfolu. He’s a Personal Support Worker at our Etobicoke South location in Ontario and one of this year’s 60+ Bayshore Caregiver of the Year award winners.

Every October, Bayshore holds a dedicated week to thank all our caregivers and each of our branches nominates a local Caregiver of the Year.

Babajide joined Bayshore earlier this year and we recently caught up with him to learn about his experience working at the organization.

A Bayshore PSW holding a "Caregiver of the Year" Award.
Babajide Moronfolu is presented with their “Caregiver of the Year” Award.

What stands out to you from your career at Bayshore so far?

One experience that stands out was a visit to Niagara to assist in caring for clients. I was lodged in a hotel for three days and I cared for more than 11 clients each day. As a new caregiver to Bayshore then, my experience at Niagara was incredible.

What’s been your most memorable moment with a client?

All my clients ask the same questions, “How long have you been a caregiver and are you planning on writing a book on your experiences so far?” I remember clients who told me they will not forgive me if I fail to write a book on my experience as a former journalist now working as a caregiver. I gave them my word that I will work on it, and I plan to.

What do you like best about working in home care?

Working in homecare is a great fit for me. It affords me the opportunity to meet people, which is one of my passions, and I’m able to hear about the life experiences of our seniors. I always feel that I am my own boss and I get elated when clients tell me that I am a professional who “knows my onions.”

Working for Bayshore as a caregiver has propelled me to go above and beyond in the care I deliver. I’m happy to get paid for doing what I love most. Special thanks to all my clients, colleagues, team leads, coordinators, and managers. Working with you has been awesome.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I am humorous and fun-loving, and I exhibit this in my client’s homes. For example, for the couples I care for, I call them boyfriend and girlfriend rather than husband and wife. Each time I do they laugh and begin to tell me stories of how they met. Interactions like this help to ground my clients in the present moment.