Bayshore HealthCare, Ontario Health win digital health care award for innovative CareChart support program

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VICTORIA, BC (November 30, 2022) — Bayshore HealthCare and Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario) have been awarded a Clinical Award Lectureship from the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology for the CareChart Digital by Bayshore (CareChart) after-hours oncology and toxicity management support program.

CareChart helps reduce the number of emergency department visits for cancer and palliative patients by allowing them and their caregivers to connect with a specialized nurse using either an app, desktop computer or mobile phone from the comfort of their home. Other key features of CareChart include:

  • Digitized symptom assessment with built-in escalation protocols.
  • Custom care pathways for different disease states.
  • In-app video consultation with a specialized care team.
  • Built-in symptom follow-up and user feedback interfaces to improve the patient experience.
  • Easy access to reminders and nurse recommendations.

“The CareChart program has had broad impacts for improving person-centred, oncology care in Ontario,” said Sherry Hnatyshyn-Webster, Managing Director, CareChart and Carepath. “For patients and their loved ones, this means more peace of mind knowing that a specialized oncology nurse is available when they need one. We are excited by the success of this program and look forward to further enhancing coordination and communication to improve person-centred care in oncology.”

CareChart is the result of a strong partnership between Bayshore HealthCare and Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario). The project brought together a team of specialized oncology nurses to support patients on active cancer treatment across 73 hospitals in Ontario, after hours and when their treatment centre was closed.

At the start of treatment, patients are provided with information about CareChart through their treating hospital and can choose to register through the app or to call CareChart directly by phone. When calling, CareChart users wait less than three minutes on average before they are connected to a specialized oncologist. To determine the best course of action for the patient, CareChart’s oncology nurses use evidence-based, tele-triage tools, including the pan-Canadian Oncology Symptom Triage and Remote Support (COSTaRS) practice guides. Following their initial contact, the nurse will follow up with the patient to ensure that appropriate symptom management has occurred.

“This project has had many positive implications for improving person-centred care in oncology,” said Lorraine Martelli, Provincial Head, Oncology Nursing, Ontario Health (Cancer Care Ontario). “Previously, individuals would have had to decide whether they should self-manage their symptoms at home or go to the emergency department, without any guidance from a professional. With CareChart, patients are met with the expertise of a specialized oncologist, to help them handle the situation in an informed way.”

Bayshore employees receiving award
(Middle) Dana Cooper, Certified Association Executive, presents (left) Lorraine Martelli, Provincial Chief, Oncology Nursing, Health Ontario, and (right) Sherry Hnatyshyn, Managing Director, CareChart & Carepath, with their Clinical Award Lectureship.

While emergency department visits are common for patients undergoing treatment, through the CareChart program, nurses found that self-management strategies were the appropriate course of action for 76% of callers. By creating an alternative route for enhanced toxicity management support, the CareChart program was able to contribute to improved emergency department use while ensuring that patients were receiving the care they needed.

The Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology’s Clinical Award Lectureship was created to recognize excellence in clinical practice and the application of innovative nursing interventions or initiatives that improve patients’ quality of life. As a part of the award, the CareChart team was given the opportunity to present a special plenary lecture at the CANO/ACIO conference and have their upcoming paper “Collaborating Across Settings to Shape the Future of Oncology Nursing After-Hours Toxicity Management Support” published in Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal.

CareChart leverages adaptable technology found in the Bayshore Digital Experience Platform (Bayshore DXP), which is a launching pad that facilitates the evolution of a suite of digital home health care programs and services to support people living with chronic diseases. It also allows Bayshore HealthCare to partner with health care organizations across Canada on innovative digital initiatives by supporting ease of integration.

CareChart combines technology and people to offer user-friendly, intuitive care navigation through a secure and scalable platform that conveniently connects patients, families and caregivers with an experienced healthcare provider,” said Dheeraj Paul, Director, Business Transformation, Bayshore HealthCare, who’s team created the CareChart app.

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