Bayshore’s pharmacy division champions sustainability with transition to thermal printers

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By: Michelle Ramos, Communications Coordinator

Bayshore HealthCare (Bayshore) is taking significant strides to reduce its carbon footprint and increase operational efficiency. One of the key steps in this direction is the transition from traditional laser printers to more eco-friendly thermal printers within its specialty pharmacy division.

Since the recent implementation of this change by Bayshore Specialty Rx, the switch to thermal printers has yielded impressive results. The transition, which is a part of Bayshore’s broader sustainability efforts, has resulted in an 80% decrease in paper consumption.

“Thermal printers not only consume less energy and paper than standard laser printers, but they also require minimal maintenance and cartridge replacements,” says Amir Ghassemi, Pharmacy Operations Manager, Bayshore Specialty Rx. “This results in reduced costs, enhanced efficiency, and less waste. Additionally, thermal printers operate five to six times faster than our old standard printers.”

In contrast to conventional laser printers, thermal printers do not require cartridges or ink, nor do they require the maintenance that their counterparts do. This characteristic of thermal printers results in significantly less waste, which aligns with Bayshore’s mission to minimize its environmental impact.

Thermal printers use a heat-sensitive printhead to generate text and images. This technology triggers a special chemical within thermal paper to produce output. They are commonly used for printing ID badges, labels, and receipts.

The successful transition to thermal printers can be attributed to the adaptability and support of Bayshore’s pharmacy operations teams. Their quick adoption of the new technology ensured a smooth transition, making operations more efficient, reducing noise levels, and freeing up workspace previously taken up by larger, traditional printers.

“The substantial increase in efficiency and the decrease in waste as a result of this transition showcases Bayshore’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability,” says John Lawrence, Director, Bayshore Foundation. “Bayshore Specialty Rx’s successful approach to sustainability serves as a model for other Bayshore divisions looking to reduce their own environmental footprint.”

Going forward, Bayshore plans to deploy more thermal printers across its various divisions and national pharmacies to increase energy efficiency, decrease operational costs, and further its ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.

“I’m very proud of the leaders in our pharmacy operations teams who continue to discover innovative ways to increase efficiency while promoting a healthier environment,” says Karl Frank, Managing Director, Bayshore Specialty Rx. “This is a significant step forward in advancing energy efficiency and improving source reduction initiatives for our organization.”