Benefits of being a Bayshore Northern Nurse

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Benefits of being a Bayshore Northern Nurse

By: Edison Sandoval, Marketing Coordinator

Are you looking to expand your nursing experience, see different parts of the country, and experience a different way of life at the same time?

Bayshore Northern Staffing is proud to provide exciting nursing assignments in remote, isolated, and semi-isolated regions of Northern Canada! Our locations are in remote/isolated communities, meaning you would get the full benefit of our traveling while working.

This is an incredible learning opportunity that offers unlimited potential for professional and personal growth. It provides a unique way to learn and experience working in your scope of practice or at an expanded clinical scope. Additionally, it allows you to enjoy an adventure at the same time!

Here are some amazing reasons why you should join our team:

Professional Growth

  • As a northern nurse, you will embark on an exciting professional growth and skill development journey. You will have the opportunity to work in various healthcare settings, from nursing stations to health centers to rural/remote hospitals, each offering unique challenges and experiences. Working in diverse environments will enable you to expand your skill set, learn new techniques, expand your critical thinking, adaptability, and communication skills. The journey will be challenging but rewarding as you discover the immense impact you can make in the lives of those you care for in the North.

Explore New Cultures

  • Discovering new cultures is an endless adventure that awaits those who want to try new foods, learn unique languages, and immerse themselves in unfamiliar environments. The excitement of fully embracing in the role of being a northern nurse is genuinely exhilarating.
  • In the article, Bayshore’s northern nurses make big impact on small communities Director of National Communications and Public Relations, Patrick Callan interviews a Northern Staffing nurse in regards to their experience on the field. “I have never felt more respected professionally than I have as a nurse in the north,” says Amber , a Registered Nurse working as a Community Health Nurse in an expanded scope of practice. “I treasure my handmade mittens and bone and beaded earrings. I’ve tried moose meat, caribou and have fished with locals. I’m sure my accent isn’t perfect, but I can say about 30 phrases in Oji-Cree and learn more each time I’m in the North.”

Great Compensation

  • All our northern nurses receive highly competitive hourly pay packages and travel expenses are covered


  • Experience exciting nursing assignments with a comprehensive orientation and diverse training opportunities, all while enjoying a flexible schedule. With remote travel, you can enjoy the added benefit of travel while gaining valuable work experience. Work hours vary depending on the role, including daytime, after-hours, on-call, and weekend hours.


  • Bayshore Northern Staffing always ensures our northern nurses feel safe and secure in their role and have access to the resources and support they require from our administrative and Clinical Management team.

New Friends

  • As you explore different locations and settings, you can be confident that you will encounter plenty of friendly faces. These encounters will not only help you make new friends but also allow you to connect with people in the community. You will never feel alone as you embark on this journey.


To learn more about Bayshore’s Northern Staffing program and view job openings click here or call us at 1-204-943-7124 / 1-866-227-3435

We look forward to seeing you out on your first assignment!