Bayshore Support Worker Helps Make Family’s Wish Trip to Disney World a Reality

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Bayshore Support Worker Helps Make Family’s Wish Trip to Disney World a Reality

When dreams turn into reality, it’s a momentous occasion, especially for families facing unique challenges. For one family, the dream of fulfilling their daughter’s wish to visit Walt Disney World became a reality, thanks to the support of York Region Bayshore Home Health team and their dedicated support worker, Tanya.

Since December 2022, Tanya has been an integral part of their lives, providing not just care but also companionship and support.

family meets mickey“My time spent with this family has been nothing but an opportunity and an unforgettable experience. Being invited to accompany them on their Make-A-Wish trip was a conclusive yes,” says Tanya, Bayshore Home Health caregiver.

The journey to Disney World was not without its challenges, particularly for a family with two daughters with medical, mobility, and special needs. With help from Bayshore Home Health and Tanya, the family gained the strength and support needed to start their amazing journey.

“The moment we received approval to bring Tanya with us was the first time we felt our trip could become a reality. Tanya’s presence was nothing short of a blessing throughout our entire Walt Disney World adventure,” says Bayshore’s client.

Tanya’s role went beyond that of a support worker; she became an indispensable part of the family’s experience. From expertly managing the girls’ feeds to assisting with their care needs and navigating the bustling theme park, Tanya demonstrated dedication, compassion, and unwavering support.

Tanya and girls at disney landHer presence allowed the family to fully immerse themselves in the magic of Disney while ensuring their daughters felt safe, comfortable, and cherished every step of the way. Tanya’s positive attitude, kindness, and attention to detail made the trip unforgettable for the whole family.

Tanya continued to say “I was pleased to see both girls happy throughout the trip. Bayshore has provided me with the necessary training and increased my skill sets as a caregiver to guarantee that I am able to assist others with their basic requirements. I am passionate about caring for my clients, ensuring that they are comfortable, safe, and have access to resources to support their well-being. Working with the twins on this trip has motivated me to continue to excel in what I do, which inspires me to continue my commitment in pursuing nursing.”

The family expresses heartfelt gratitude to their complex care team, the wish coordinator, Bayshore Home Health, and Tanya for their collective efforts in making this dream trip possible. Their support not only fulfilled a wish but also created memories that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Tanya’s involvement in this wish trip exemplifies the profound impact that dedicated support workers can have on families facing unique challenges.