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CAREpath™ is a Cancer assistance program that provides families with helpful advice, information, and support on Cancer.

Who We Are and How We Can Help

CAREpath Inc. is a group of Nurse Case Managers, leaders in their field, with extensive experience within the cancer system in Canada. The program consists of a group of trained Canadian cancer specialists, made up of oncologists, support staff and oncology nurses, who work with clients to ensure they receive proper treatment in the right facilities and in a timely manner.

CAREpath’s personal cancer nurses support all our clients and their family “one-on-one” through timely telephone calls, throughout the entire cancer journey. Our nurses follow the most up-to-date guidelines for cancer treatment and care, to ensure all our clients receive the utmost best treatment.

CAREpath is the only program of its kind in Canada (and worldwide)

Who Has Access to CAREpath Services

CAREpath is available on employer group benefit plans and as an addition to extended health and disability insurance plans.

We are here for you, call us today for the support and guidance you deserve.

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