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Additional programs and services provided by Bayshore Rehab & Therapy

Our national programs are designed to help people of all ages prevent and overcome injuries, illnesses and disabilities. These services are delivered in home, workplace, school or residential settings and are chosen by the public, lawyers, employers, insurers, and the government.

Bayshore Therapy & Rehab services

Absence Management

Bayshore Absence Management Solutions assists employers by delivering strategies and services designed to reduce the costs and associated impact of absence and disability in the workplace.

Our programs optimize function and health which results in a present and productive workforce.

Let us help you:

    • Reduce durations of Lost Time Injury
    • Expedite Modified Work Programs
    • Bridge the gap between a treating physician’s recommendations and return to work
    • Prevent Workplace Injury and Illness
    • Reduce the total costs of absences in the workplace
    • Improve your NEER / Workers Compensation

For more information: Call us at 1-844-203-4534 or email us at employer@bayshore.ca

The needs of every employer are unique and our programs are completely customized to provide the right solution. We can assist with casual absence and accommodation requests as well as following workplace injury or return from medical leave.

Residential Rehabilitation

Through our residential (in-patient) program, run by the Neurological Rehabilitation Institute of Ontario (NRIO), we offer services for individuals who have sustained a catastrophic brain injury and require 24 hour care supported by a multi-disciplinary and intensive rehabilitation program. For more information, click here.

Pain Program

In partnership with Bieman-Copland & Associates, we offer a six week, comprehensive, interprofessional pain program for individuals in the Niagara Region. The program is designed to support individuals dealing with persistent pain that interferes with daily activities such as self-care, work, leisure and relationships. The program is appropriate for individuals living with a range of pain conditions, including complex situations where pain is present along with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Acquired Brain Injury or dual diagnoses. We offer group and individual sessions, to teach participants new skills and strategies so they can live well with their pain.

Program Highlights:

  • Based on the latest research on the neuroscience of pain
  • Promotes physical activation
  • Teaches skills to calm the nervous system
  • Incorporates principles of mindfulness
  • Utilizes the latest technology for activity and sleep tracking
  • Includes opportunities to practice doing things differently
  • Takes place in a community setting that emphasizes wellness
  • Provides support for generalization of skills

For more information
Call us: 1-855-581-4746
Email us: rehab@bayshore.ca

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Other Services

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