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Our residential rehabilitation locations provide brain injury rehab programs, specializing in the assessment, treatment and care of individuals who have sustained a traumatic / acquired brain injury by increasing their level of independence.

Our program requires the active participation of our interprofessional team, clients (patients), their families, case managers, funding representatives, lawyers and other individuals who are responsible for the continued long term planning while consistently providing opportunities for further positive changes. Our residences are located in Etobicoke, Mississauga, and Hamilton. We also have a Support Living Apartment location in Toronto.

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We foster timely and effective communication with the client, family, lawyer, insurer, case manager and the rehabilitation team members to establish what services the person needs to attain real and lasting results. From the initial assessments and treatment plan to the discharge planning phase, we are committed to the highest quality clinical outcomes and to bringing a team of professionals together to help each person achieve their rehabilitation goals. Our goal is to build a solid relationship with all members of the rehabilitation team and referral sources who represent our clients. Our programs are developed to meet the unique needs of each individual.



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Our Programs

We offer customized treatment programs for every single person in each of our programs


Our Locations


Etobicoke location Etobicoke locationIt has a rich past and an even more promising future. A beautiful, 19th century building that once served as a farmhouse, our Etobicoke House is now home to the administrative headquarters. It functions not only as our business base, but as a clinic, offering group programming, an outreach center, a complete adult residential rehabilitation home, and a physiotherapy gym.

The Etobicoke residential program features several private bedrooms for ambulatory individuals with an acquired brain injury. Located close to transportation, schools, and community reintegration, the Etobicoke House offers its residents all the support of a care coordination team, inter-disciplinary regulated health care professionals and a community support system.

Residents and non-residents alike find a wealth of resources and services available through the Etobicoke Residence & Clinic, which emphasizes community involvement across every stage of treatment. From complex care to independent living to community reintegration, brain injury survivors can find the kind of care that addresses their specific level of need.

The following programs are available at our Etobicoke location:

  • Residential Programs
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Community Programs
  • In-Clinic Services
  • Coma Stimulation (clinic setting)

Location Information:

Residential and Community Rehab, NRIO
59 Beaver Bend Crescent,
Etobicoke, Ontario M9B 5R2

Tel: (416) 231-4358
Fax (416) 231-9982
Toll free: 1-800-561-9158


Mississauga locationMississauga locationWhen it comes to acquired brain injury, greater independence requires great effort. At the Mississauga House, our dedicated staff ensures that each individual receives the specialized care they need in order to make strides in their recovery. Residents of the Mississauga house find themselves steadily achieving personal goals and tackling daily challenges, all with the continued support of their care team as well as regulated health care professionals.

Located in Mississauga’s beautiful Lorne Park residential area, the Mississauga House offers a supported living environment for individuals with an acquired brain injury. In addition to all the amenities of comfortable home living, Mississauga Home features an in-house supported living apartment, four private rooms, and is wheelchair accessible.

Cooking, domestic upkeep, laundry, physical exercise. all the aspects of a healthy daily life, functional and quality of life are available to residents of the Mississauga House. By providing our clients with a home-like environment, we hope to encourage a greater range of skills and responsibilities that will be carried into their return to community living.

The local community plays a key role in the rehabilitation of Mississauga House residents. Regular clinic visits are available through our Etobicoke In-Clinic program, and hospital services. Throughout the year, residents also benefit from participation in many of Mississauga’s community activities and programs.

Our  Mississauga location offers the following programs:

  • Complex Care
  • Slow-to-Recover/Minimally Conscious
  • Community and Outreach Programs
  • Residential Programs
  • Dual Diagnosis

Location Information:

Tel: (905) 278-2462

Email: mississauga-coordinator@nrio.ca


Hamilton locationThe Hamilton House occupies a special place in our history. As our first residential facility, it stands as a reminder of our hopes, our commitment, and our continuing tradition of unparalleled care. Today, Hamilton House offers a unique capacity for individuals facing complex care requirements that may include treatment for slow to recover conditions.

As a transitional step between hospital and home, the Hamilton House is staffed around the clock, 24/7 by rehabilitation professionals who are directly involved in each patient’s care. By maintaining a safe, stable environment, we’re able to provide a home-like setting that is conducive to genuinely effective care and rehabilitation.

Located atop the scenic escarpment that overlooks the city, the Hamilton House is a one story, five bedroom, wheelchair accessible home providing functional and quality of life care customized for survivors of acquired brain injuries. It offers the peace and comfort of a quiet residential setting, close proximity to Hospital, and easy accessibility to Hamilton’s many offerings.

Hamilton locationEvery interaction between client and staff yields a potential for greater recovery and independence, which is why we also incorporate community resources into each patient’s rehabilitation experience. Through collaboration with local organizations in and near Hamilton, our treatment team also integrates community involvement skills into each patient’s care plan, so that recovery gains can be accomplished through a broad set of interpersonal and social experiences.

The following programs are available at our Hamilton facility:

  • Complex Care
  • Slow-to-Recover/Minimally Conscious
  • Community and Outreach Programs
  • Residential Programs

Location Information:

Tel: (905) 318-8038

Fax: (905) 318-9449

Email: hamilton-coordinator@nrio.ca


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As the latest addition to our family of facilities in the GTA, our Toronto residence is located just one block from Lake Ontario in the residential Lakeshore area. This supported living program contains six independent apartments in a three story urban apartment house. It’s an ideal location for individuals returning to a fully independent lifestyle while continuing to draw on the local community support system and participating in our residential program. 24-hour support is provided and the clients have to be ambulatory. We can accommodate 4 clients at the Supported Living Apartment (SLA) program.

By forming core partnerships within local communities, each facility is able to offer a host of programs and services designed to meet the specific needs of brain injury survivors. By combining community offerings with the focused clinical care of the coordination team, each of our clients receive the kinds of opportunities that make recovery and functional rehabilitation a seamless part of everyday life.

Location Information

Tel: (416) 255-4032

Fax: (416) 255-6010

Email: sla-coordinator@nrio.ca


Our programs assist persons with moderate to severe brain injuries in increasing their level of independence. We are proud to make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families. Read more about what clients and partners have to say.

Outcome Study

Since 1999, we has conducted an Outcome Validation Study to evaluate the performance and quality of its services and programming. The study looks at various groups that we have serviced, as well as customer and staff satisfaction.

Over the years, the study has evolved to better measure the relevancy of rehabilitation as related to the challenges faced by our clients as they return to independence, family, work and school. An important component of the outcome study is the durability of the outcomes attained by clients over time.

Outcome Study Highlights (2019-2020)

Outcome Study Highlights (2020-2021)


In 1999, NRIO was a pilot project for Accreditation Canada, previously the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation (CCHSA). Prior to that time, NRIO was accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). In January of 2002, NRIO was awarded a three-year accreditation from Accreditation Canada, receiving renewal of accreditation in 2005, 2008, and 2011. NRIO was pleased to receive recognition for “The Leading Practices, Outcome Validation Study” in May 10, 2013 from Accreditation Canada. The last accreditation on-site survey was completed in September 2014, with Exemplary standing noted by Accreditation Canada. The recognition of NRIO compliance with standards at this level speaks to the excellence NRIO employees bring to the organization.

Effective 2018, ICS-NRIO became the ISO certified. NRIO continue following all the Accreditation Canada standards and procedures, integrating them into the ISO standards, and ensuring compliance with all accreditation requirements.

I have had the pleasure of working with Colleen Boyce and her team at NRIO for many years. They truly deserve to be recognized for their outstanding work with the ABI population. It is always great to work with such a dedicated, collaborative, ethical and knowledgeable team.

Nicole Galeotalanza Tri-Star Health Management Group, Case Manager.

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