My wife, RL suffered a stroke 5 years ago while travelling in Europe. Initially the German doctors told me, “Your wife does not have a 5% chance to live another two days.” For more than 4 years this statement seemed to follow her and seemed to limit the level of care she was given. For 4 years I struggled to give her a higher level of medical care that she deserved. This all changed when our family physician, Dr. David Cheah, recommended that my wife should go to NRIO for an assessment. In December 2016 my wife started treatment at NRIO for Activity, Sensory, Rehabilitation and Stimulation Programme. With NRIO’s relationships my wife is also part of McMaster’s minimally conscious research programme through Dr. Connelly and we have benefited by finding a Physiatrist to manage her rehab. My family, friends and I have seen such phenomenal progress in RL. She has progressed more in 8 months at NRIO, than in the previous 4 years. I am grateful to Colleen Boyce, Frank Tenuta and the entire team at NRIO for their incredible care of my wife. I highly recommend NRIO to anyone considering neurological rehabilitation for their loved one. Sincerely,


My son AT has been a client with NRIO for 21 years. He is a survivor of a catastrophic brain injury. He went to NRIO after 2 years in hospital. NRIO has given him 21 years of quality of life, worked tirelessly with him and encouraged him to be the best he can be. AT has, with the help and support of NRIO, built a life that he enjoys and allows him to be active in the community. That he has made such an incredible recovery is down to his tenacity, and to the wonderful work and support the staff at NRIO have done with him and given him. Sincerely,


Our son, SM was involved in a catastrophic MVA in Alberta in February 2013. He was 24 years old. SM was clinically diagnosed with TBI and associated quadriplegia and remained comatose for an extended period of time. Repatriation to Ontario occurred in May 2013 and SM was admitted to NRIO Mississauga in July 2013 and upon his arrival he was clinically “vegetative.” Today, four years later, due entirely to the dedication, care and compassion of his entire NRIO team, SM has progressed to a “conscious” state and continues to improve at a cognitive level. He remains non-verbal, but he is able to communicate his various moods and feelings through unique vocal sounds and cognitive expressions. Beyond the day to day “institutional” therapies and activities at the residence, NRIO also assists our family with providing staff resources and necessary supplies and assistive devices to accommodate five family cottage visits annually as well as home visits every Sunday. His recognition and trust of stable and familiar faces significantly reduces anxiety and provides him a comfortable and safe environment. SM has a “long road” and we are all well aware that his map has no defined destinations. However, we do know that the team at NRIO are committed to the entire journey and will continue to carry SM along throughout his recovery. Please know, our gratitude, appreciation and admiration for Team NRIO, is beyond words. Hopefully, one day, SM may be able to provide them.

Mr. and Mrs. M.

My husband AH suffered from traumatic brain injury in 2004 after being hit by a car. When his case settled with the insurance company in 2008, we were looking for a place where he could do long term physiotherapy. Our doctor gave us a few names, but we chose NRIO as it is relatively close to home. We are however very happy with our choice, as we found the staff at NRIO very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. When AH arrived at NRIO, he could hardly sit straight in his wheelchair. After working with a very personable physiotherapist, he is able to walk with a cane. We are very grateful to have found NRIO.


I really enjoy staying here because the staff are working with me to help me with my rehabilitation goals and independence. All the RT’s are great. Thank you very much.


I love this place because the people here help me a lot. Staff are very nice to me, they respect me, I respect them and they are helping me to get better. I love it here so much I want to stay longer.


My name is MF, and I am a client of NRIO. After my accident and the death of my mother they helped me to grow into the responsible and respectful man I am today and learn to take control over my brain injury. I am now living in my own place, independently and have better control over my anger and life thanks to the wonderful staff from NRIO. They are the best neurologic rehab facility in Canada, if not the world. Sincerely,


Thank you, NRIO! Our son, JC, suffered a catastrophic brain injury as a result of a workplace accident in October, 2015. It was the beginning of a traumatic and difficult journey for him and ourselves, as parents. In his early thirties, it was shocking and so stressful to cope with the situation our son was in … no mobility on his right side (arm & leg), inability to speak, and unconscious for a good part of those early months. After three operations and 7 months in hospitals, followed by a 10 week rehabilitation program, his recovery was only in its early stages. At that time, our son’s mobility was very limited although he was able to use a wheel-chair and his speech was almost incomprehensible. Luckily, NRIO was recommended to us for follow up. We spoke to Colleen, the director, who was not only supportive & easy to talk to, but experienced and knowledgeable about the path ahead for JC. She clearly described NRIO’s approach and predicted prognosis after a stay at NRIO … accurately as in turns out. Our son arrived at NRIO’s Mississauga residence in July, 2016 in a wheelchair, with extremely limited speech capability and little ability to handle every-day living. A year later, he is walking with a cane or hiking sticks outside, and on his own inside. His ability to speak is impressive … he can now explain himself and how he feels … despite the fact that he cannot put names to things or people. And he has gained the ability and confidence to care for his own hygiene needs, do his own laundry and tidying of his room, grocery shopping with assistance and simple food preparation. In looking back, NRIO was a godsend to our son and to ourselves. After dealing with the trauma of the accident and his long hospital stays, as parents we felt overwhelmed, and lacked the energy, knowledge and skills to deal with all our son’s multi-faceted needs. We have found NRIO to be extremely proficient at identifying and providing a myriad of resources necessary to support our son’s recovery. Their focus is the client, and they tailor each program to suit the personality and interests of each individual. For example, they increased the number of speech therapy sessions to ensure our son’s progress. They also found a woodworking programme which our son, a talented tradesman & qualified electrician, truly enjoyed as it made him feel “normal”. One of the key reasons for success in promoting JC’s recovery, has been that, in addition to receiving excellent speech, occupational and physio therapy, rehabilitation therapists (RTs) provide follow-up practice and exercises according to the main therapist’s instructions, so that down time is limited. In our son’s case, he has always been an active person who needs to be busy. In addition, as in a home environment, and of utmost benefit, the RTs actively and personally engage with each client, whether by encouraging activities (walks, games, outings, etc.), talking and/or joking, or by just keeping the client company. We also so appreciated the support given to us medically, as NRIO staff would attend doctor’s appointments with us to outline concerns they had witnessed, or accompany our son to hospital and remain with him for as long as was required when he suffered significant seizures. This was especially appreciated if we were unable to attend. NRIO kept us up to date at those times and provided us with relief knowing our son was being so well cared for. As our experience at NRIO comes to end, we can only say that we are so grateful to have found them! Their staff has been nothing short of outstanding … in fact, there are too many to commend individually. Because of NRIO’s expertise and caring team, we are bringing JC home in a state that is so totally improved, that it is amazing. We cannot say enough about NRIO’s skilled contributions to JC’s rehabilitation progress and to our own peace of mind. We have no qualms is saying that NRIO is an incredible organization that is skilled at producing remarkable results, and we highly recommend them to anyone in need of brain rehabilitation. We know there is still a long recovery journey ahead for JC, but, because of NRIO, we have a good base from which to go forward. We will be forever thankful for NRIO.

Mr. and Mrs. C.

I have been a client with NRIO for more then six years. I enjoy working with all the staff and attending the day program. When I come here I always feel welcome and part of the family. I’m very happy I have this support as I was going through a difficult time in my life. All the therapy I receive was very helpful and was there for me when I need it. When I have free time I enjoy participating in social events organized by NRIO: Christmas party, Thanksgiving lunch, Annual BBQ. NRIO helped me to pursue my interest to make a vegetable garden that I care for every year. I am lucky to work with professional staff who are skilled at what they do. I want to thank NRIO for everything .


I have had the pleasure of working with Colleen Boyce and her team at NRIO for many years. They truly deserve to be recognized for their outstanding work with the ABI population. It is always great to work with such a dedicated, collaborative, ethical and knowledgeable team.

Nicole Galeotalanza
Tri-Star Health Management Group, Case Manager.

As a Case Manager, I have had many opportunities to work closely with NRIO and throughout the years, NRIO’s commitment to client focus care, going above and beyond is evident and ensuring the physical and emotional well-being of clients. They are to be commended for their excellence in communication. When my clients are supported by NRIO, I know that I, as the Case Manager, will be supported by a fantastic team, who will work closely with me to provide a high level of care.

Tonya Flaming
RN. Director, Rehabilitation Planning.

In my role as the Rehabilitation Specialist for Wawanesa Mutual insurance for the past 23 years, I have had the opportunity to experience the services provided by a host of brain injury service providers. I must say that NRIO stands above most in terms of their ability to provide exemplary, client focused care for the most difficult clients in this population. They have demonstrated their ability to juggle a variety of competing interests, to the benefit of the client in every case. Over the years they continue to demonstrate a caring and compassionate approach.

Cassandra Jones, BA, RRP, CCRC, CRM
Accident Benefits Specialist

This letter is being written to acknowledge the support NRIO a (division of Bayshore Therapy Rehab) provides to the Brain Injury Society of Toronto (BIST). We are both honoured and grateful to have NRIO sit on both our Awareness Committee as well as our Volunteer Appreciation Committee, bringing experience and never-ending enthusiasm which helps continue to push BIST’s mission forward. NRIO’s dedication, commitment, following through on action items, volunteering for different BIST activities such as the Golf Tournament, Pride Parade Community Booth and the BIST Hero 5K, always presents BIST in a professional and positive light. Bayshore Therapy Rehab is one of BIST’s 2017 Corporate Sponsors, and their funding & support helps to maintain the programs and services that we offer to those living with the effects of brain injury in Toronto.

Melissa Vigar
Executive Director, BIST

I am the Founder of NRIO and was its Chief Executive Officer for twenty-three years until September of 2016. NRIO was designed as an organization with high values towards the individuals they serve and a focus on producing clinical outcomes which were meaningful and relevant for those individuals. The professionals, rehab workers, support personnel and administration we recruited were oriented to and trained to those high standards. NRIO sought and maintained accreditation from CARF International and later, Accreditation Canada to demonstrate the organization’s commitment to maintaining recognized standards. NRIO has operated an Outcome Validation System for over twenty years which provides the organization and its staff with a rich data base to evaluate the programs offered and to adapt programs to meet the changing needs to the persons served. The Outcome Validation Study has been presented at conferences in Canada, the United States and as far away as South Africa. What is important is that NRIO has maintained a constant striving towards excellence. Its leadership team and staff members have remained vigilant with regards to program quality and the satisfaction of the stakeholders. Although I am no longer involved in the organization I continue to follow its path and in doing that maintain awareness of the excellent work which the organization continues to produce. I am very proud of NRIO and it’s accomplishments over the last twenty-four years.

Rolf B. Gainer, PhD
Brookhaven Hospital, US.

Colleen Boyce and the staff at NRIO are very friendly, knowledgeable and experienced and go above and beyond to accommodate my clients, who have suffered serious and complex injuries. My clients see significant gains after their programs and are more ready to return to their community. The occupational therapists strive to assist my clients with their immediate medical and rehabilitation issues, while also planning ahead to ensure they will continue to receive the assistance they need despite the funding issues brought on by the current legislation. NRIO is an exceptional rehabilitation company.

Alison Burrison
Burrison Law

As a Case Manager, I work with individuals who have sustained significant brain injuries and hence, rely on the important services offered through NRIO. In my 25 plus years of work, I have come to rely and depend on the wide array of professionals at NRIO. Their knowledge of brain injury and their ability to advocate for my clients needs make them leaders in the field. The Director, Colleen Boyce is very generous with her time when it comes to both volunteering as well as collaborating on the often unique and complex needs of individuals who suffer from a TBI. My dealings with NRIO have always exemplified professionalism and a sense of caring.

Carol Hawkins
Rutherford Rehab Case Manager.

“As an OT and Case Manager, I am pleased to provide my feedback on the exceptional professionalism of the staff at NRIO. They have gone the “extra mile” for my clients helping them to successfully achieve their identified rehab goals. Not only are the NRIO staff effective team players, they are strong advocates for the ABI population at large and give generously of their time and skills in supporting related volunteer organizations. I wish NRIO continued success in the years ahead!

Christine Bell, B.Sc. (OT), M.Ed.
OT Reg. (Ont) Care Planners Consulting Inc.

I’ve worked with NRIO since 2014 and it has been an exceptionally positive experience. It is exhilarating to work with clinical professionals who are responsive to their patients but also collegial and collaborative with those of us engaged in research. At every stage NRIO has provided excellent advice and valuable feedback with a true focus on innovation and elevating the quality of care for the people of Ontario.

Dr. John F. Connolly Ph.D.
Professor & Senator William McMaster Chair in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language and Director, Centre for Advanced Research in Experimental & Applied Linguistics at McMaster University, Hamilton. Co-founder and C.S.O. of VoxNeuro Inc.

Bayshore Residential Rehab is an exemplary organization. As a member of the Advisory board for three years, I have seen first-hand how they prides themselves on excelling in patient, client and employee care and satisfaction. They are a leader in the industry. Most importantly, their dedication to the rehabilitation of their patients/clients at both their residential and outpatient programs has given thousands of severely injured accident victims the highest level of care to assist them on their roads to recovery.

Jonathan M. Burton
Lawyer, Gluckstein Lawyers

Residential Rehab helped me get my life back again. I learned how to walk, talk, cook, to be productive and drive my car again. It took a lot of work, drive and determination. I had to get through many obstacles to get better, however, you have to work HARD for it. Residential Rehab empowered me to work HARD and never give up HOPE.

GF – Discharged Client
Discharged Client

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