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Today’s workforce deals with increasing mental health issues, aging employees, and chronic conditions. Bayshore works with employers to develop prevention strategies and disability management programs that focus on keeping employees healthy and productive at work.

The needs of every employer are unique and our programs are completely customized to provide the right solution. We can assist with casual absence and accomodation requests as well as following workplace injury or return from medical leave. Our early intervention services will facilitate a timely and safe return to work program.

We engage the employee, their treating physician, managers, unions, and other parties as appropriate to ensure a successful resolution. Our clients experience the Bayshore difference as we support them beyond the merely issuing a report. We continue to help employers work with the employee through the return to function program.

Our services are designed to:

Employer Assessment Services:

Rehab & Disability Services:

Occupational Medicine & Preventative Services:

Wellness & Lifestyle:

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