Our Culture

About Us

A proudly Canadian owned and operated company, it is our mission to deliver passionate and caring service to all Canadians every visit, every time.

Through our vision of being the difference, our caregivers work relentlessly to best serve our clients – spending over 5,000,000 hours a year, taking care of them. Through continuous improvement and innovation, we’ve expanded our Bayshore family to include a vast array of services designed to meet the dynamic and ever-evolving needs of Canadians.

Digital Innovation at Bayshore

Our Bayshore Digital Innovation Hub was created to provide Bayshore clients, patients and their families with better access to home care health services. Products and services created by the Digital Innovation Hub team allow clients to stay in their own homes and receive the health care they need virtually.

Mission, Vision & Values

Bayshore HealthCare is built upon the guiding values of compassion and reliability; team work and diversity; innovation, leadership, and growth. Every single one of our 12,000+ employees across Canada operates with these fundamental values in mind. And they establish Bayshore as the trusted source of care in all communities and neighbourhoods – a friendly face that delivers superior service with a smile.


Passionate and Caring

Bayshore HealthCare is passionate and caring about everything it does. About the time with clients, how each other is treated and the quality of its work.


Imagine Being the Difference

Each and every one of our Bayshore employees has the ability to create special moments, both big and small. They constantly look for ways to make things better and be the difference in the lives of people being cared for or work with and communities serviced.


Compassion, Respect, and Dignity

Bayshore values compassion and reliability, team work and diversity, innovation, leadership and growth.

Our Promises

We promise to you, our clients, that we will:

  1. Listen carefully to really understand what is important to you.
  2. Explain the full range of services available to help you.
  3. Provide individualized care plans or assessments that meet your needs.
  4. Have respect for your individual needs and preferences, allowing you to lead your care.
  5. Treat you with dignity and compassion, ensuring the highest quality of care.
  6. Make quality, safety, and professional service delivery the foundation of all we do.
  7. Be available to answer any questions you may have about the services you are receiving.
  8. Provide healthcare professionals to meet your service needs.
  9. Work with other healthcare professionals to meet your care plan goals.
  10. Be grateful for the trust you put in us and be passionate about the difference we make.

Our People

We are the sum of our people. Over 12,000 strong, all working passionately towards a single vision. Whether that’s working directly with you and your family or offering administrative support, everything we do is delivered with care. We are grateful for the trust you put in us and are passionate about the difference we make in your lives.