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Premier Health Care Provider

A proudly Canadian company since 1966, we’re dedicated to enhancing the quality of life, dignity and independence of all Canadians. Our commitment is to provide customized care plans and solutions that allow our clients to remain in the comfort of their own home and a familiar environment.

We go above and beyond to deliver a positive experience to the lives of individuals in our communities. Our services range widely from personal care, home support, companionship, nursing, physio and occupational therapy, serious injury home care, hospital bedside care, palliative/end of life care, funding investigations and more. We deliver the unique Bayshore Healthcare experience built on the principles of Compassion, Respect, Reliability, Patience, Professionalism, Ethics, as well as Continuous Learning and Improvement.

Bayshore HealthCare is one of the country's largest provider of home and community health care services.


Bayshore Health Care is a family of more than
staff members


Over 100 Bayshore Locations
60 Home Care Offices
10 Pharmacies
40 Community Care Clinics


1 Year has 8766 hours.
Bayshore caregivers spend over
hours per year


Bayshore HealthCare Philosophy

Bayshore HealthCare is an organization full of heart. We’re committed to community care, and we’re designed to solve problems for the people we care for. We believe in local leadership to the core. Our goal is to do whatever it takes to make people comfortable in their own home. And we use every visit to make a difference. This attitude has ensured that we’ve grown to become one of Canada’s top 50 best-managed companies, as well as Canada’s largest healthcare company and nursing organization. We are an ISO 9001 registered company, meeting internationally recognized standards for excellence in the delivery of service.

We’ve partnered with some of Canada’s most prominent government and corporate organizations to bring optimized, quality care to communities across the country.

Working for Individuals

We understand that navigating the health care system can feel overwhelming. Trust us to help you find the best solution for your family’s needs. Our community care is available to all ages, especially seniors. We passionately believe home is the place to be and we’ve grown to become the country’s largest provider of home and community health care services. We offer five pillar services – Home Health, Therapy and Rehab, Specialty RX, Dialysis, and Diabetes Express. These services provide a range of care solutions such as nursing, personal care, home support, companionship, funding support, serious injury home care and solving most out-of-hospital needs.

Government care programs to help the community

When it comes to taking care of our community, we find solutions for any challenges. Our employees are known to go beyond the business of health care, engaging families every step-of-the-way, often developing lifelong relationships with clients. Community care is extended through services purchased by government care programs, insurance companies and workers’ compensation boards. It also provides nurse and caregiver staffing services to health care organizations and the corporate sector. These services are available to all ages, especially seniors.


I believe our values define and differentiate us. We deliver a unique Bayshore experience built on the principles of Compassion, Respect, Reliability, Patience, Professionalism, Ethics, as well as Continuous Learning and Improvement. These set us apart as an organization, caring for our community beyond just health care needs. We live and breathe these values every day, through our work with families and in how we treat each other.

- Stuart Cottrelle, President, Bayshore HealthCare

Welcome to your new homecare company, Bayshore Home Health.

Alpha Home Health Care and Bayshore Home Health joined together as of May 31, 2017. Bayshore Home Health will continue to provide you with the same level of reliable and caring homecare services to which you are accustomed.

Your regular care workers and administrative contact, Lisa Solhjell will continue to oversee your schedule and service which is locally managed by Stasia Hartley, Area Director and Debbie Short, RN Nurse Manager.